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Iowa Sanctions & NCAA Convention Updates | Everything Women's Wrestling

Jan 24, 2022

Lori Ayres talks with Jacque Davis, Kyra Barry, and Julia Salata about women's wrestling developments from the NCAA Convention.

Order of Show

00:00 - Introduction / What's coming 

1:00 - Iowa sanctions girls wrestling 

5:38 - Quick bios: Kyra Barry, Jacque Davis, Julia Salata 

11:40 - What does it mean to be in NCAA Emerging Sports Status?

14:58 - NCAA Convention Presentation: High School Stats 

27:07 - NCAA Convention Presentation: College Stats 

43:37 - NCAA Convention Presentation: Diversity in WW 

45:10 - What's Next? What organizations are working to make this happen? 

51:58 - Information about the  D1 Women's Wrestling organization

54:17 - Flip the script