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Jessica Medina | Bader Show

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Jessica Medina | Bader Show

Aug 31, 2021

Jessica Medina is the current women's developmental coach for USA Wrestling. She is a two-time World teamer, three-time US Open champion, two-time WCWA champion, and 2006 World bronze medalist. 

00:00 Intro

05:02 Preparing athletes

08:04 struggles of young women wrestlers

11:32 How did Jessica maintain confidence in a tough environment

14:22 adapting to wrestling

16:20 How have these young wrestlers gotten to this point of success

19:03 The fun in diversity on the teams

21:55 growth of women’s wrestling

22:56 The accelerated program for athletes

24:06 Thoughts on women’s wrestling in America becoming the dominant team

26:05 Building the foundation of women’s wrestling

29:40 Educating men and women on topics of women in wrestling

31:08 Funky Gold Medina

34:50 Questions from Rich

41:27 Closing remarks