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Peyton Prussin | Bader Show

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Peyton Prussin | Bader Show

Aug 30, 2021

Peyton Prussin of Life University joined the Bader Show to discuss growing up in Las Vegas, competing on a boys-only team in high school, moving to Georgia, competing at the Olympic Trials, and preparing for the upcoming World Team Trials. 

Bader show

00:00 Intro

01:44 Choosing wrestling

06:25 Being on the guys' team

07:05 women’s camps

08:10 Vegas wrestling

10:40 Deciding on Life U

12:58 Missing her freshman year

16:20 developing her style

18:00 Support from Life U after her title

19:57 Training at Life

25:15 World team trials preparation

26:07 Struggling with confidence issues

27:20 Leadership mentality on a team

30:08 talking with teammates on wrestling experiences

31:25 Qualifying for the boys' state tournament

32:30 Questions from Rich