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Stan Dziedzic

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Stan Dziedzic | The Bader Show

Jun 9, 2021

00:01 - NCAA Champ, world champ, Olympic medalist, and UWW executive committee member, Stan Dzeidzic, joins the show.

00:06 - How a loss Stan took while at Slippery Rock University propelled him to the Olympic medal stand.

00:11 - Stan was part of an elite group of American middleweights throughout history. 

00:14 - How a generation of Pennsylvania college wrestlers changed the entire NCAA landscape.

00:18 - What was it like competing against Russia at the peak of the Cold War? Could Sauna Diplomacy save the world?

00:28 - Before embarking on a career with wrestling’s international governing body, Stan worked on Wall Street and was nearly an agent for the Secret Service.

00:37 Stan’s time as coach at Nebraska eventually led him to his current position as UWW Vice President.

00:41 - Will the Tokyo Olympics take place in less than 2 months from now?

00:47 - An indication of how popular women’s wrestling is in Japan.

00:49 - Final thoughts: how to get 10 weights classes in each style in the Olympics.