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Tervel Dlagnev

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Tervel Dlagnev | The Bader Show

Jun 8, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from June 8, 2021, with Tervel Dlagnev.

0:00 - James Green vs. Alex Pantaleo

2:00 - At what point did Tervel believe he was a World-level wrestler?

6:00 - Tervel’s mindset.

9:30 - The best mentality is honesty.

17:00 - Is Tervel at peace with no World golds?

21:00 - How much did injuries take a toll on Tervel?

23:00 - ‘I can see why people (are suicidal)’

26:00 - How do you develop as a coach?

29:00 - Development follows trust.

30:00 - The move from Ohio to Nebraska.

32:30 - No stalemates.

35:00 - Jordan Burroughs vs. Isaiah Martinez on June 18.

38:00 - How do you coach a former teammate?

41:00 - Jordan’s move to Philly.

43:00 - Sweat it out.