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FRL 836 - World Champs! + Kyle Dake To NLWC

FRL 836 - World Champs! + Kyle Dake To NLWC

The 836th episode of FloWrestling Radio Live.

Sep 20, 2022 by JD Rader
836. World Champs + Dake To NLWC

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The boys are back to talk about winning the World Championships and the repercussions of Kyle Dake joining the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.

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(0:00) Team USA World champs!

(1:36) Why Kyle Dake joined NLWC and what it means moving forward

(9:20) reasons why the US has seen such an increase in success over the past decade

(18:30) 57 kg

(20:30) back to discussing why USA is having so much success

(27:28) 61 kg

(33:53) 65 kg

(47:50) 92 kg

(51:10) 97 kg

(52:15) is this level of success sustainable for Team USA?

(57:45) 70 kg

(1:04:32) 74 kg

(1:10:40) 79 kg

(1:17:13) 86 kg

(1:24:25) should medalists get a special wrestle-off if they want to switch weights after losing in Final X?