Will Kong Extend Its Reign At NHSCA Duals?

145 lbs Dom Demas, Kong United vs Jarod Verkleeren, Young Guns Black

Four years running now, the NHSCA Duals have featured a showdown between Team Kong United and Young Guns Black in the finals. In 2016, Kong finally broke Young Guns' stranglehold on the title, ending a three-year championship run by the Pittsburgh-based club. Kong defended its title in 2017, by the exact same 25-24 score that allowed them to squeak by the previous year.

Will 2018 see another rematch of the only teams to make the finals since 2015? Both squads are once again bringing loaded lineups to the Virginia Beach Convention Center. 


When: May 25-28 | Where: Virginia Beach, VA

Should Kong and Young Guns see each other again for all the marbles, we may get the following epic matchups.

Team Kong United


Young Guns Black

#8 Yusief Lillie or Jordan Titus106Kurtis Phipps
#11 Brandon Kaylor113

#20 Brock McMillen

#5 Nik Aguilar or #8 Ben Kamali120

#13 Kyle Biscoglia

#5 Adam Busiello or Zac Redding126

#3 Gavin Teasdale or Colton Camacho

#9 Alex Felix or Anthony Sciotto132Nick Coy
#3 Alex Cruz138Luke Kemerer
Jordan Crace or Mike Weber145

#18 Jason Kraisser

#3 Jacori Teemer152

#17 Justin McCoy

#3 Dustin Plott or #20 Jake Silverstein160

#20 Caleb Clymer

#10 Grant Cuomo170Jared McGill
Zac Braunagel182#20 Tim Wallace
#15 Trey Rogers or Elijah Rodriguez195

#6 Cody Mulligan

#10 Boone McDermott220

Parker McClellan

#2 Cohlton Schultz or Terrese Aaron285#5 Isaac Reid

But it's not going to be that simple as there will be plenty of landmines along the way. A host of competitive teams headed to the Tidewater area. You can check out a list of ranked wrestlers registered for the event here, and then go here to see a list of where all the registered wrestlers are going to college. 

For a look back through history, check out the box scores for the finals over the last six years below.

2017: Kong United 25, Young Guns Black 24

106: Brandon Kaylor (Kong United) 6-0 Kurtis Phipps (Young Guns Black)

113: Kyle Biscoglia (Young Guns Black) 4-0 Nik Aguilar (Kong United)

120: Adam Busiello (Kong United) Fall 2:03 Colton Camacho (Young Guns Black) 

126: Cole Manley (Young Guns Black) Forfeit

132: Alex Felix (Kong United) 10-2 Luke Kemerer (Young Guns) 

138: Max Murin (Young Guns Black) 5-1 Jake Silverstein (Kong United)

145: Jarod Verkleeren (Young Guns Black) 3-1 Dom Demas (Kong United)

152: Nelson Brands (Young Guns Black) 8-7 Peter Pappas (Kong United)

160: Hayden Hastings (Kong United) 4-0 Jared McGill (Young Guns Black)

170: Zack Ancewicz (Kong United) 6-1 Timmy Wallace (Young Guns Black)

182: Cody Mulligan (Young Guns Black) 2-1 Casey Randles (Kong United)

195: Anthony Walters (Young Guns Black) 5-4 Eddie Smith (Kong United)

220: Cade Belshay (Kong United) 3-1 Josiah Jones (Young Guns Black)

285: Sammy Evans (Kong United) 2-1 Isaac Reid (Young Guns Black)

2016: Kong United 25, Young Guns Black 24

106: Colton Camacho (Young Guns Black) 8-4 Malik Heinselman (Kong United)

113: Drew West (Young Guns Black) FALL Adam Busiello (Kong United)

120: Bryce West (Young Guns Black) 8-6 Matteo DeVincenzo (Kong United)

126: Jacori Teemer (Kong United) 14-2 Cole Manley (Young Guns Black)

132: Luke Kemerer (Young Guns) 3-2 Alex Felix (Kong United)

138: Kanen Storr (Kong United) 7-3 Justin McCoy (Young Guns Black)

145: Dom Demas (Kong United) 14-7 Jarod Verkleeren (Young Guns Black)

152: Cam Coy (Young Guns Black) 3-0 Chris Mauriello (Kong United)

160: Kaleb Young (Young Guns Black) 3-1 Ricky Stamm (Kong United)

170: Trey Meyer (Kong United) FALL Jake Shaffer (Young Guns Black)

182: May Lyon (Kong United) 4-1 Anthony Walters (Young Guns Black)

195: Drew Phipps (Young Guns Black) 5-0 Trenton Schultz (Kong United)

220: Cohlton Schultz (Kong United) 7-0 Josiah Jones (Young Guns Black)

285: Edwin Rubio (Kong United) 3-2UTB Jake Beistel (Young Guns Black)

2015: Young Guns Black 26, Team Kong 21

106lbs-Job Chisko, Young Guns Black DEC Tommy Cox, NY Kong, 6-2

113lbs-Devin Brown, Young Guns Black DEC Jake Silverstein, 7-1

120lbs-Matteo Devincenzo, NY Kong DEC Brendan Howard, Young Guns Black, 3-1 SV

126lbs-Ben Lamantia, NY Kong DEC Justin Patrick, Young Guns, 3-1SV

132lbs-Kanen Storr, NY Kong DEC Triston Law, Young Guns Black, 7-3

138lbs-Jesse Delveccia, NY Kong DEC AC Headlee, Young Guns, 9-5

145lbs-Sam Krivus, Young Guns Black DEC Chris Mauriello, NY Kong, 5-3

152lbs-Michael Kemerer, Young Guns Black MAJ DEC Tommy Dutton, NY Kong, 14-3

160lbs-Kaleb Young, Young Guns Black MAJ DEC Blaise Benderoth, NY Kong, 10-1

170lbs-Jordon Bushey, NY Kong FALL Jake Shaffer, Young Guns Black

182lbs-Kellan Stout, Young Guns Black DEC Tyler Frankrone, NY Kong 3-0

195lbs-Drew Phipps, Young Guns Black DEC Nick McShea, NY Kong, 5-2

220bs-Devin Rockroth, NY Kong DEC Jacob Robb, Young Guns Black, 5-1

285lbs-Jake Beistel, Young Guns Black DEC Edwin Rubio, NY Kong, 2-1 UTB

2014: Young Guns Black 36, Team Griffin Select 15

106 Max Murin (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Aaron Rump (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 3-0

113 Gage Curry (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) Dec Collin Glorioso (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 5-2

120 Jake Gromacki (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Sammy Sasso (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 8-4


132 Sammy Krivus (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) Fall Anthony Tutolo (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 2:34

138 Michael Kemerer (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Chase Zemenak (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 9-5

145 Myles Amine (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) Dec Josh Maruca (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 5-4

152 Jason Nolf (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Colston Diblasi (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 7-4

160 Josh Shields (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Jake Shaffer (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 8-4

170 Dom Scalise (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Juan "Johnny" Garcia (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 3-1

182 Stephen Loiseau (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) Dec Dylan Reynolds (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 3-0

195 Zack Zavatsky (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Jan Johnson (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 8-2

220 Jacob Robb (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Fall Antonio Pesuli (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) Fall

285 Jake Beistel (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Edwin Rubio (TEAM GRIFFIN SELECT) 3-1

2013: Young Guns Black 34, Diesel 15

106 Collin Glorioso (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Anthony Petril (DIESEL) 2-0

113 Jake Gromacki (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Tyrone Klump (DIESEL) 5-1

120 AC Headlee (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Major Austin Camacci (DIESEL) 11-2

126 Rodney Sunday (DIESEL) Dec Joel Bowers (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 6-0

132 Tyler Smith (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Ty Buckiso (DIESEL) 9-3

138 Jason Nolf (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Tyson Dippery (DIESEL) 3-1

145 Reed Van Anrooy (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Solomon Chishko (DIESEL) 5-2

152 Zack Kelly (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Dec Austin Rose (DIESEL) 5-4

160 Garrett Peppelman (DIESEL) Dec Cody Law (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 3-0

170 Colton Peppelman (DIESEL) Dec Dom Scalise (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 6-5

182 Brett Harner (DIESEL) Dec Zack Zavatsky (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 9-2

195 Ryan Solomon (DIESEL) Dec Dustin Conti (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) 1-0

220 Shaun Heist (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Fall Lucas Chestnut (DIESEL) Fall

285 Evan Daily (YOUNG GUNS BLACK) Forfeit (DIESEL)

2012: Team Griffin Gold 30, Young Guns Black 16

106: Vincenzo Joseph (Young Guns Black) 5-0 Luke Pletcher (Team Griffin Gold)

113: Sammy Krivus (Team Griffin Gold) 5-1 Michael Kemerer (Young Guns Black)

120: Jason Nolf (Young Guns Black) 9-3 Micah Hight (Team Griffin Gold)

126: Brandon Jeske (Team Griffin Gold) 8-4 Tyler Smith (Young Guns Black)

132: Joe Galasso (Team Griffin Gold) 9-2 Josh Maruca (Young Guns Black)

138: Josh Shields (Young Guns Black) 3-2 Patrick Duggan (Team Griffin Gold)

145: Ty Lydic (Team Griffin Gold) 3-1 Heath Coles (Young Guns Black)

152: Cody Copeland (Team Griffin Gold) 5-1 Zack Voytek (Young Guns Black)

160: Geno Morelli (Team Griffin Gold) 4-1 Cody Law (Young Guns Black)

170: Jacob Taylor (Young Guns Black) 10-2 Troy Murtha (Team Griffin Gold)

182: Greg Wilson (Team Griffin Gold) 9-5 Dakota DesLauriers (Young Guns Black)

195: Matt McCutcheon (Young Guns Black) 7-3 Jake Hart (Team Griffin Gold)

220: Thomas Haines (Team Griffin Gold) FALL Evan Daley (Young Guns Black)

285: Dawson Peck (Team Griffin Gold) 1-0 Luke Fleck (Young Guns Black)

#4 Travis Ford-Melton Commits To Purdue

113 lbs Semifinal - Travis Ford-Melton, IL vs Adam Busiello, NY

More big recruiting news today. Travis Ford-Melton released his college decision on social media, announcing he will be wrestling for the Purdue Boilermakers.

Decision Time For Cam Amine

152 lbs Round Of 128 - Cameron Amine, Michigan vs Braydon Huber, Idaho

Find a bucolic setting in Michigan and name it Amine Arbor.

Cohlton Schultz Wins Bronze, Andrew Berreyesa In World Finals

130kg, Final 3 of 3, Cohlton Schultz, NYAC vs Anthony Cassioppi, ISI

Team USA picked up two medals today in Greco-Roman at the Junior world championships. Cohlton Schultz won a bronze medal at 130kg and Andrew Berreyesa made the finals at 82kg.

Meet The Contenders: #1 Jakason Burks vs #2 Greg Diakomihalis

51 R16 - Greg Diakomihalis, FLWC vs Garett Lautzenheiser, Parkview

Jakason Burks has a big move arsenal and Greg Diakomihalis is nasty from an elbow tie. Burks is a walking warning sign when it comes to big throws while Greg D doesn’t always need to manufacture his own offense in order to score. 

FRL 317 - Penn State's Schedule, 125 and 133 Rankings Drop

FRL 317 discusses the Penn State wrestling schedule as well as the new NCAA rankings at 125 and 133 pounds.

Penn State Releases 2018-19 Schedule

174 lbs Round of 16 - Mark Hall, Penn State vs Hunter Bolen, Virginia Tech

The three-time defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions have released their 2018-19 wrestling schedule.

Returning Division 1 All-Americans: 184lbs

184 lbs Semifinal - Taylor Venz, Nebraska vs Myles Martin, Ohio State

Now that preseason has officially started, pictures and videos are starting to filter in of teams practicing, all striving for the same goal: to win national championships and become All-Americans.

Ben Darmstadt Out, Ben Honis In For Cornell At 197

197 lbs Semifinal - Ben Darmstadt, Cornell vs Chris Weiler, Lehigh

Ben Darmstadt is likely to miss at least part of the the 2018-19 season due to injury. If possible (Ivy League has their own guidelines), Cornell may apply for a medical redshirt in the hopes of maintaining his final three years of eligibility.

#7 Theorius Robison Commits To Northern Colorado

132lbs Final: Carmen Ferrante, Bergen Catholic vs Theorius Robison, Pomona

Theorius Robison (Pomona, CO) has verbally committed to wrestle for the Northern Colorado Bears after high school.

Virginia Tech Recruiting Targets

Tony Robie is passing all the tests.

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