Projected Southern Scuffle Team Scores

It's just about time to Scuffle! But before we do, let's take the preseeds that just came out and use them to project the team scores for this week's tournament.

Our methodology is the same for this exercise as it is for the top 20 team rankings. It's also the same method we used for the CKLV and the Midlands team score projects. All the usual caveats apply.

So how might things shake out in Chattanooga, TN, on Monday and Tuesday if we DIDN'T wrestle the matches and ONLY decided who wins based on preseeds? We will tell you!

1Penn State166
3Northern Iowa75.5
8Cal State Bakersfield46.5
9Lock Haven39.5
10Oklahoma State (UNA)38.5
12Northern Colorado28
14Nothern Iowa16
15Virginia Tech (UNA)15.5
16Northern Iowa (UNA)13.5
18Air Force12.5
20Appalachian State12
21North Carolina State11
22Penn State (UNA)10
23North Carolina State (UNA)10
24Appalachian St. (UNA)9
25Oklahoma State6.5
26Cleveland State6.5
27Gardner Webb5.5

No surprise that Penn State is the favorite. The Nittany Lions did have seven No. 1 preseeds after all. Lehigh has a big lead on everyone else for second, then things get more interesting. 

Of course, we DON'T settle things on a computer screen two days before the tournament officially ends. So make sure you tune in, LIVE ON FLO, to see what actually happens!

Fargo JR Finals: How They Got There

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Best Morning Matches In Juniors

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Best Available Recruits At Fargo

74 kg Quarters - Dustin Plott, Unattached vs Kaleb Romero, OSC-Unattached

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Who's Looking To Repeat At Fargo 2018?

Everyone wants to knock off the champ. When you win a title, coming back the next year, you've got a target on your back. The entirety of your bracket is trying to take the crown off your head.

Analyzing The Junior Men's Freestyle Team Race At Fargo

120 lbs Jordan Decatur, OH vs Bryce Nickel, AZ

For various reasons, in the leadup to Fargo this year it seems there has been more talk than usual about the team race in Junior men's freestyle. Illinois is the defending champ; it ran away with it last year, scoring 82 points to outscore second-place Ohio (37 pts.) and third-place Iowa (36 pts.) combined.

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