Just The Facts: Hawkeye Wrestling Club King Of 2014

Just The Facts: Hawkeye Wrestling Club King Of 2014

Jul 30, 2014 by Christian Pyles
Just The Facts: Hawkeye Wrestling Club King Of 2014
Bottom Line: Who gets the most guys on Freestyle World Teams. Where do they train? What club is king of 2014?

Let’s look at it by the numbers. There are some HS guys on the Junior World Team, they’re not really factored in. I’m simply referring to the guys at training centers at various Universities or the OTC. When you get out of High School where is the best place to train to get on a World Team? The answer may change from year to year, but for right now the Hawkeye Wrestling Club is the place to be.

Hawkeye Wrestling Club-4
Cliff Keen Wrestling Club-3
Nebraska Regional Training Center-2
Nittany Lion Wrestling Club-2
Olympic Training Center-2
Cowboy Wrestling Club-2
Ohio Regional Training Center-1
Finger Lakes Wrestling Club-1
Grand Canyon-1
Scarlet Knight Wrestling Club-1

Senior World Team
57KG-Tony Ramos-Hawkeye Wrestling Club
61KG-Jimmy Kennedy-Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
65KG-Brent Metcalf-Hawkeye Wrestling Club
70KG-Nick Marable-Missouri
74KG-Jordan Burroughs-Nebraska Regional Training Center
86KG-Ed Ruth-Nittany Lion Wrestling Club
97KG-Jake Varner-Nittany Lion Wrestling Club
125KG-Tervel Dlagnev-Ohio Regional Training Center

Junior World Team
50KG-Jabari Moody-HS
55KG-Thomas Gilman-Hawkeye Wrestling Club
60KG-Joey McKenna-HS
66KG-Aaron Pico-HS
74KG-Anthony Valencia-HS
84KG-Gabe Dean-Finger Lakes Wrestling Club
96KG-Kyle Snyder-Olympic Training Center
120KG-Adam Coon-Cliff Keen Wrestling Club

University World Team
57KG-Matt McDonough-Hawkeye Wrestling Club
61KG-BJ Futrell-Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
65KG-Anthony Ashnault-Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club
70KG-James Green-Nebraska Regional Training Center
74KG-Tyler Caldwell-Cowboy Wrestling Club
86KG-Chris Perry-Cowboy Wrestling Club
97KG-Dustin Kilgore-OTC
125KG-Tyrell Fortune-Grand Canyon