Wrestlers Getting It Done In The Cage

Wrestlers Getting It Done In The Cage

Jul 7, 2013 by Willie Saylor
Wrestlers Getting It Done In The Cage
Wrestlers Getting It Done In The Cage
Willie Saylor, Editor

Wrestling was on full display to a national audience Saturday night. UFC banners read 'Keep Olympic Wrestling,' and Oklahoma State's National Champion, Mark Munoz wore a shirt with the same message. Chris Weidman sported a USA Wrestling logo tattooed on his back.

And to top it off, wrestlers posted an undefeated 3-0 record on the main card as Frankie Edgar and Munoz dominated before Weidman sent the eyes of UFC most accomplished fighter, Anderson Silva, rolling back in his head after a crushing left hook.

Below is a list of wrestlers currently on the UFC ladders. And remember, this doesn't include guys that fight in other organizations like Ben Askren, who at 8-0 is the undefeated Welterweight Champion in Bellator.

*All rankings are a product of the UFC Voting Panel

Demetrious Johnson, Parkland, WA - Flyweight Champion
- State Runner-Up, State 3rd

Joseph Benavides, Las Cruces, NM - #1 Flyweight
- State Champion
- Wrestled at William Penn (IA) College

John Dodson, Albuquerque, NM - #2 Flyweight
- 2x State Champion, State Runner-Up

Ian McCall, Dana Point, CA - #3 Flyweight
- Wrestled at Cuesta (CA) College

John Moraga, Phoenix, AZ - #4 Flyweight
- Wrestled at Arizona State

Tim Elliott, Wichita, KS - #10 Flyweight
- State Champion
- Wrestled at Labette and Central Oklahoma

Urijah Faber, Isla Vista, CA - #2 Bantamweight
- High School wrestler

Eddie Wineland, Houston, TX - #4 Bantamweight
- High School wrestler

Scott Jorgensen, Boise, ID - #7 Bantamweight
- 3x Pac-10 Champion for Boise State

TJ Dillashaw, Sonora, CA - #9 Bantamweight
- State 5th
- 4-year Starter for UC-Fullerton

Chad Mendes, Hanford, CA - #1 Featherweight
- 3x State Placer: 3rd, 5th, 8th
- NCAA Runner-Up to J. Jaggers in 2008 for Cal Poly
- 2006 NCAA 6th

Ricardo Lamas, Chicago, IL - #2 Featherweight
- 100 Match Winner for DIII Elmhurst
- DIII All American

Frankie Edgar, Toms River, NJ - #3 Featherweight
- State Runner-Up, State 5th
- 4x NCAA Qualifier for Clarion

Clay Guida, Round Lake, IL - #8 Featherweight
- HS Wrestler
- Member of the 2001 Harper College JUCO Team Champs

Nik Lentz, Bloomington, MN - #9 Featherweight
- State Champion

Benson Henderson, Colorado Springs, CO - Lightweight Champion
- Wrestled at Decatur (WA) HS
- 2x NAIA All American at Dana (NE) College

Gilbert Melendez, Santa Ana, CA - #1 Lightweight
- HS Wrestler

Gray Maynard, Lakewood, OH - #5 Lightweight
- State Champion, State Runner-Up
- 106 wins at Michigan St.
- 3x All American: 7th, 7th, 8th

Jim Miller, Sparta, NJ - #8 Lightweight
- HS Wrestler
- Wrestled 1 year at Virginia Tech

Pat Healy, Salem, OR - #9 Lightweight
- HS Wrestler
- Wrestled at SIU-Edwardsville

Georges St. Pierre, Quebec, CAN - Welterweight Champion
- Wrestled in High School

Johny Hendricks, Edmond, OK - #1 Welterweight
- 3x State Champion
- 3x NCAA Finalist For Oklahoma State
- 2x NCAA Champion
- 4x NCAA All American

Jake Ellenberger, Omaha, NE - #4 Welterweight
- Wrestled at Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha

Josh Koscheck, Hempfield, PA - #10 Welterweight
- State Champion
- NCAA Champion for Edinboro
- 4x NCAA All American: 4th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd

Chris Weidman, Baldwin, NY - Middleweight Champion
- State Champion
- 2x NCAA All American at Hofstra

Mark Munoz, Vallejo, CA - #8 Middleweight
- 2x State Champion
- 2001 NCAA Champion for Oklahoma State

Chael Sonnen, Milwaukie, OR - #9 Middleweight
- State Champion
- NCAA All American for Oregon
- 2000 University World Silver Medalist

Tim Boetsch, Lincolnville, ME - #10 Middleweight
- 4x State Champion
- Wrestled at Lock Haven

Jon Bones Jones, Rochester, NY - Light Heavyweight Champion
- State Champion
- Junior College National Champion for Iowa Central

Rashad Evans, Niagara Falls, NY - #4 Light Heavyweight
- 2x State Placer: 4th, 4th
- 2x JUCO All American: Champ, 4th
- 2x NCAA Qualifier for Michigan State

Dan Henderson, Apple Valley, CA - #6 Light Heavyweight
- 2x State Placer
- NCAA Qualifier for Arizona St.
- 2x Greco Roman Olympian

Phil Davis, Harrisburg, PA - #8 Light Heavyweight
- State Placer
- NCAA Champion for Penn State
- 4x NCAA All American

Ryan Bader, Reno, NV - #10 Light Heavyweight
- 2x State Champion
- 3x Pac-10 Champion for Arizona State
- 2x All American: 4th, 7th

Cain Velasquez, Yuma, AZ - Heavyweight Champion
- 2x State Champion
- JUCO National Champion for Iowa Central
- 2x NCAA All American: 4th, 5th

Daniel Cormier, Lafayette, LA - #2 Heavyweight
- 3x State Champion
- 2x JUCO National Champion for Colby
- NCAA Runner-Up for Oklahoma State