The Man With The Golden Shoes

The Man With The Golden Shoes

May 2, 2013 by Nside Admin
The Man With The Golden Shoes
The Man With The Golden Shoes
Willie Saylor, Editor

The man who coined 'alliseeisgold,' then made good on the moniker by winning the Olympics in London last summer, now has something else gold: shoes.

Fans couldn't wait for the finale at the U.S. Open in Las Vegas last month. Burroughs was the last finals bout and had a date with David Taylor, one of the country's collegiate darlings. But before the first whistle even blew, there was chatter among the crowd, the photographers, press row.

Jordan Burroughs had on a pair of golden shoes never seen before. 

A custom-made pair of Asics. Burroughs hadn't worn them before. In the previous rounds in Vegas, he went with the same model, but a sharp Red, White, and Blue pair.

We had a chance to ask the champ about his footwear.

WS: What do you think of your new golden shoes?

JB: I think they're awesome. One of my mantras is 'all I see is gold', so I think the shoes are representative of my mindset each time I enter a tournament—to win a gold medal.

WS: What did you ask Asics specifically for? Design? Fit? Flexiblity? Support?

JB: I asked for the best materials at the most reasonable price. I wanted a shoe that I felt comfortable wearing and that my fans would enjoy wearing as well. I wanted something stylish and reasonably priced, namely so they could be accessible to everyone.

WS: You only wore them for the finals. Will that always be the plan? 

JB: Yea. I’ll wear the other colors for my earlier matches, but a gold medal match deserves a gold medal shoe.