Vegas and Ironman, Baby! We're going LIVE!

Vegas and Ironman, Baby! We're going LIVE!

Nov 25, 2012 by Nickolas Velliquette
Vegas and Ironman, Baby!  We're going LIVE!

Vegas and Ironman, Baby! We're going LIVE!

Tech Wave members get ready: Flowrestling will be be live streaming two of this wrestling season's premier tournaments.  

Sign up for Techwave and watch the Live feed of Cliff Keen Vegas Invitational

This upcoming weekend, Flowrestling will be live streaming the SEMIS and FINALS of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational -collegiate wrestling's "tone setter" tournament, your place to see Dake, Stieber, Kilgore try to destroy all comers.  

When: DEC 1
Semi Finals: 10:30 am Pacific | 1:30pm Eastern
Finals: 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern

Where: LIVE on FLO
How: Be a Tech Wave Subscriber (Sign Up)

The following weekend, December 7th and 8th, Flowrestling will be live streaming the Walsh Ironman Tournament.  More specifically, Flowrestling will be live streaming 8 DIFFERENT MATS at Walsh Jesuit starting on Dec. 7th and concluding with finals on Dec. 8th.  

When: DEC 7th & DEC 8th
Finals: 6 pm Eastern Saturday Dec 8th
Tournament Starts: 1pm Eastern Friday Dec 7th

Where: LIVE on FLO
How: Tech Wave

Want to view the first big collegiate wrestling tournament of the year...the tournament where Dake, Stieber, Kilgore will be competing on the same wknd?  Click here, get in the game: Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational 

Can't make it to Walsh Jesuit to see your wrestler take on the best in the country?  Tune in live to see Flowrestling stream the best HS tournament in the country:  Walsh Ironman Tournament

*Note:  These events will be live streamed for active Tech Wave members.  Anyone who does not currently have a Tech Wave subscription can sign up here:

Subscribers to these events will not be given a free trial that allows them to cancel subscription before being charged.  Those who want to view just a single event will be charged a monthly subscription fee and will have the opportunity to cancel their subscription so they are not charged in succeeding months.