FRL 216- Suriano Won't Be Released + Fargo Drama And D1 Lineups

Order of Show:
0:00 - KB Back from Fargo
0:04 - Freestyle first this year
0:06 - Nomad Being Serious
0:08 - Nick Suriano Update
0:21 - Wrestling Troll Accounts
0:25 - Rudis-Nike Drama in Fargo
0:31 - Michigan Team Trophy? Possibly
0:35 - UNC Going To Have A National Champ?
0:36 - Will Cary Kolat Leave Campbell?
0:37 - Nebraska Lineup Projection
0:41 - What NCAA Coach Does The Most With Less?
0:44 - Best Recruiter In The Country?
0:46 - ©KBImages
0:48 - Yazdani Charati To The WWE?
0:53 - Ben Askren Shoeless & Good At Coaching
0:54 - Who Will Be The Next Cael In The Coaching Game?
0:55 - Another Cold War? AWN Publishing Weird Articles

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