JoeFlo And Bader Show Ep. 8 Kyle Dake

JoeFlo and Bader talk with 4x NCAA champion Kyle Dake, here is the topics and times.

0:00 intro
1:00 JoeFlo called Dake’s hs state finals 
3:00 Kyle Dake joins the show
3:30 Dake’s first big win vs Alex Krom
9:20 Dake’s Fargo experiences
13:00 Stars Dake wrestled through out the years
16:30 Kyle’s college experience
20:00 NCAA Champ carried the scale
28:30 WTT
30:10 Banged up ankle and knee
31:00 Burroughs series at WTT
34:20 Weight class changes
38:00 Burroughs 2013 vs Burroughs 2017
41:30 International tournaments
43:45 Cox vs Taylor
45:00 Dake favorite international wrestlers
46:30 Snyder vs Sadulaev
48:00 Yianni
49:50 Willie vs CP

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