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#1 Seed: Ed Ruth (PSU) 184 #2 Seed: David Taylor (PSU) 165 #3 Seed: Mike Evans (Iowa) 174 #4 Seed: Nico Megaludis (PSU) 125 #5 Seed: James Flemming (Clarion) 157 #6 Seed: Dylan Ness (Minn) 149 #7 Seed...
I can't believe Greff Fondacerro commented on this and didn't mention the fact that Hunter got the #1 seed over Maple.
Thanks for the condescending response. I'd assume it's also understandable that Hunter should be as familiar with Paddock as Paddock is with him, and that Hunter supposedly being a top 10 P4P wrestler...
I have nothing against Hunter, I love watching the Steiber brothers wrestle. I don't see how losing in a wrestle off that "doesn't count" to the 2nd best 141lber on a TEAM is more forgivable in your e...
Not to mention he's a 3x All-American, 2x NCAA finalist, and 2011 NCAA Champion.
Quenton Wright (22-0): vs. #2 Wilps (Pitt) Fall vs. #10 Meredith (ASU) Fall vs. #12 Schiller (Minn) 9-5 d. vs. #15 Gonzalez (Illi) 4-2 d. vs. #17 Hein (Wisc) Fall vs. #18 Atwood (Pur) 7-1 d. vs. #19 B...
Ernie, to lump all of the kids who frequent this sight in with the stereotypical young person of this generation is idiotic. You may be right with some of these people, but you're forgetting the soul ...
St. Paris is a public school, I don't think they recruit as much as people move to the area so their kids can wrestle there. Most kids on SPG's team have come up through the St. Paris feeder programs....
Wow, is this the same wrestler that won the Ironman? Didn't look like it. Beckman looked slow, and kind of unenthused in this match. He didn't really do anything at all except escape from bottom. Was ...

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