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I love your two cents.
Wow, once again I wish I wasn't a biology major and still in school. Being a part of the flo team and covering major events would be my dream job. I've been there since the start basically, and I'd lo...
Hello I was just wondering if anyone knows about any deals on resistant bands, because I would like to do a workout with them for the kids I am teaching. I would like them to be strong and durable, be...
I forgot to add that the two periods are scored by ulative scoring, so now it is more of a match, instead of three short bursts. It is a more folkstyle like. And as someone said techs will now be 10. ...
The new rules will be two three min periods, with tds being worth 2, and no clinches. Also if one wrestler is warned for being passive 2x they will have 30 seconds to create action, if not action is c...
video A very analytical Brent Metcalf - Rumble on the Rails
I feel like the questions that other reporters ask are just not as well thought out as Bader's.
video James Green upsets DSJ - Big Ten Championships 2013
You can just tell Burroughs been teaching him dat set up for those doubles.
video Tony Ramos pins Chris Dardanes again - Cliff Keen National Duals Finals 2013
Yes he was Dardanes's shoulder blades were down for more than a three count, if anything the ref should have called it earlier
video National Duals Bracket Breakdowns - 2013 National Duals: Midwest Regional - Mizzou
Come Bader you fix your spelling on Oklahoma, but don't fix it for my home state of Wisconsin or as you refer to Wisonsin.
I agree with you Tyler, it get me more comfortable and confident with moves that are a little more risky or take some more precise technique such as tilts.
I totally agree with you, I was just curious to people's thoughts because when coaching kids of less experience I feel that sometimes they need a good beating, and others need to see they can do the b...
In the practice room some people say that getting beat for a long time teaches you many things like pressure and just feeling true agression, but is it just as beneficial to do the beating. If you hav...
I'm sorry to say this,but after reading most of these comments, I'm disgusted with the people who call themselves a wrestling or Flo fan. You should be proud for this website and the people for what t...
video 145lbs Dylan Ness MN- vs. Alex Dieringer WI- - Be Undefeated Monday Match Of The Week
I don't know why you call it a Merkel, but that's what I did all senior year from my feet, and we called it the Olympic Cradle... not the merkel.
At this very moment, I wish I had experience in any of those fields, instead of being a Biology major... : [ I would love to work with you guys even if it was just an errand boy.
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