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Well, anonymous coward, Yes I did and he didn't. So the stall calls should not have come as a surprise. I am not perfect, But I think I am consistent. I am glad that I didn't have to make the 2 point ...
The reason for the stall calls were Fava's position .. He kept backing up and taking the action off the mat. Had Zotollo pushed the action a little more towards the end of the match..ie backing Fava t...
video you make the call 3 - You Make The Call
No points in high school, no control established, not beyond reaction time as required, still neutral, take it to overtime ...college may be a different story, I do not ref college matches... I could ...
No change, no points...Stalemate or stalling should have been called on the offensive wrestler. He was allowed to hold onto the merkle with no improvement for 45 seconds. Nothing had changed in the la...

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