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video Flo Dirty Scramble 3/15/09 - OAC Jr. High State Championships
per the rules, the hands don't have to touch. If both hands touch the head at the same time (while under the armpits), it is called a full nelson. That's not my interpretation, it is what is in the ru...
Awesome job, Zeb. Man, the hours upon hours of work you guys put in to this sport is unmatched. It is shameful the amount of whining that goes on. You guys provide a FREE service to all wrestling fans...
video 125lbs Brandon Feix (SC) dec Louis Ponce (GA) - South cackalack Allstar Weekend - SC vs GA Dual
It's good to see dual meets like this. Having grown up and competed in Ohio (and now live and coach in Iowa) I've seen what it is like to have an entire community support wrestling. I feel that is wha...
video Dirty Flo Last Second Reversal - Dirty Flo Takedown of the Week
That's part of what makes this site so awesome. It's like actually being there w/ you getting into the matches like you do.
We all owe you a huge thanks. Without you guys I wouldn't get to watch the greatest high school wrestling tournament there is. Thanks a ton for all you do and the tireless hours of hard work all you g...
video Claymont Gets A Trophy - 2009 OHSAA Ohio State High School Wrestling Championships
Congrats Coach T and Claymont. Good to see a Tuscarawas school bringing home some hardware.
He's not calling it a "tech fall." He's calling it a "tech MAUL." I find it entertaining. I've never heard that term before. Very appropriate.
video OHSAA Preview - 2009 OHSAA Ohio State High School Wrestling Championships
What was the controversy regarding the Palmer/Comar match?
Close. I belive it was either 7-3 or 7-4. Either way, he controlled the match.
video 141lbs J Jaggers Ohio State- vs. Justin Accordino Hofstra- - Sunday Brunch, Ohio State vs Hofstra
Where Accordino messed up at the end was prying the leg in an outward direction. That put extra pressure on the knee and will be called as potentially dangerous 9 out of 10 times. He pulls it straight...
video Flowrestling - Martin Floreani
You guys are exactly what this sport needs. Thanks a ton for the time and effort you guys put in towards promoting this great sport of ours. You guys get the best interviews, matches, and cover the to...

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