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video Okie State vs Iowa Preview - Ropewell Previews and Recaps
im from iowa and i love watching your guys previews! even tho u both were throwing out some nonsense poopiepants predictions! i still love it! so many matches could have went either way there was real...
video Raw Hawkeyes Practice - Iowa Hawkeyes
the sick thing is, this is only a 16 minute string of clips of the practice they most likely did this for an hour or two??? I love it!!!!
video Adam Frey on Mat Personality - Adam Frey
you will be honored and remembered forever adam frey!!!
so your basically suggesting more stalling less action? just because the hawkeyes are working their a**es off to be able to go balls to the walls for 7 minutes doesnt mean other wrestlers cant??? its ...
if u think that was sick you should see that dual in carver hawkeye arena!!!!

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