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who's permission is needed ?
video D3 Ben Sergent, Troy Christian v Troy Opfer, Sand. St. Mary C.C. - 2008 Ohio State Wrestling Championships
Troy Opfer will never wrestle again he is a senior and his only chance of getting to college was this and he lost. So no rematch for them.
video CA F 103 Camacho Washington Union V Zimmer Clovis West - 2008 California State Championships
I think it would suck to be as short as Comacho, even though he is one of the best kids in the nation at the weight it would suck to go through the rest of your life as a 5'00 foot shrimp. Just saying
video Joe Dubuques first match back - Joe Dubuque
What weight it this 121 lbs?
that virgil guy is a homo he was trying to act like he amazing after the first round then he got his ass kicked which made me happy
video 119lbs Zack Sanders, MN D 7-6 Nikko Triggas CA - 2007 National High School Championships
wow you people are dumb if you don't think that was a takedown the only offensive points triggas scored look like a fluke to me
go to http://www.intermatwrestle.com/high_school/rankings/hsrank0708_01.aspx They have Camacho ranked ahead of Zimmer, even though Zimmer won.
video Franklin Gomez v Joe Slaton - Midlands Wrestling Championships 2007
C.Scott vs. F.Gomez would be a nice match, Gomez has really improved from not even being an all-american to being ranked 3-4th(depending on the pole)
video Travis Burke Arch Rummel LA v Brad Pace Ponderosa CA - Zac Jarzynka Memorial Ironman Tournament
they both suck

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