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It is a tossup between Kolat, Kemp, Schalles, and Sanders.
Phil Davis is too inexperienced to beat Rashad. He is a good wrestler but his standup and punching power are not where they need to be. And can he take a hard shot?
Zad is up there. Going back a few years Tommy Brown of Washington who placed 3-3-2 and was undefeated his senior year until he ran into Lee Kemp in the finals.
video Escape and takedown - You Make The Call
This is a no-brainer. Why would anyone say the ref made the wrong call? Holy cow, kid, turn and face your opponent or you deserve to be taken down!
That was a flat horrible call.
I consider Lee Kemp to be the first wrestler of the modern era. He wrestled a lot like the guys today--great position, basic skills, well-conditioned. His matches were not always exciting but he was a...
video 215 lbs Cody Davis vs Jaime Lopez - 2009 Texas Boys State Championships
How much does Cody Davis weigh? Looks like a big 189 here, and really ran out of gas in the third round. Good staller in the late going.
They wrestled in the state finals in February and Price won 3-2.
video Jaggers Celebration and Interview - 2009 NCAA Coverage
The neat thing about Jaggers for us older fans of the sport is that he makes wrestling exciting and fun to watch. The style of college wrestling has changed so much from when I was young. The typical ...
What is Meulman's walking around weight? These guys do not look like big 215s.
Seems like a lot of stalling in thismatch.

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