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When do people start talking about Illinois being the top wrestling state. They seem to dominate the international styles year after year.   
@ Nick White, for some reason if Jordan Borroughs lost to Dake or Taylor I don't think you would be saying the US still has to send its best.,  I am pretty sure you would probably be talking about...
The defenders of Marable need to give it a rest.  If you are injured and unable to weigh in and compete at the appointed time, that is simply bad luck.  How many High School or College guys have...
video Burroughs Wants Tsargush - 2015 World Team Trials
He should feel disrespected, when John Smith was winning his world and Olympic titles, I certainly do not remember people in the US actively rooting against him. 
@rigbydigger  Ask Henry Cejudo
@sinclewis @eowc I agree, the best part about wrestling is that luck plays no role.
I am truly confused as to why it seams that everyone wants to see Jordan Burroughs lose.  Jordan Burroughs is the greatest US wrestler since John Smith.  I can't recall a lot of people, o...
I like the fact that they are getting rid of the ball drop becasue it provided a way for an inferior wrestler to stall a whole match and win. The lone problem I have is alllowing the refs to award pen...
video Iran Youth Wrestling - Take Back 2020 - Wrestling Experiences
This really isn't a site for politcal commentary, but I view this as being similar to when the US boycotted the 1980 games and the Soviets boycotted the 1984 games. Iran does not like Israel becasue i...
BMX racing but no wrestling, yeah that makes sense.
Forget the petitions go after the Olympic sponsors. We could begin with a letter writing campaign to Coca Cola, DOW Chemical , Omega, GE and McDonalds. I would bet that if all current and former wrest...
I do not comment frequently, but I feel compelled to do so. I begin by noting what an abject failure FILA is, Afterall why is the sports governing body headquartered in a country - Switzerland - which...
Get vids up I think you are being unduly harsh of flo, they do a great job delivering alot of matches for no cost at all. In addition, to the extent that the Big Ten Network has broadcast rights to th...
video Cliff Keen Classic Coaches - Tom Brands - Cliff Keen Classic Coaches
How can any wrestler not have respect for the greatest wrestler in US history.

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