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video 135 A States Peter Levi vs Thomas Elliott - 2011 Virginia State Tournament
omg i wish i lived in va so i could place in states this is really a 135lbs. match at STATES????
video Long Island Challenge - Long Island
its hard to compare a NY team from the top three states in order Pennsylvania New Jersey Ohio
video Shore Thing Big Guys - Shore Thing Wrestling Club
Was that Mike Morales in the purple shirt?
video 189 lbs. Andrew Campolattano (Bound Brook) vs. Mac Mancuso (Holy Spiri... - 2009 NJSIAA New Jersey High School Wrestling Championships
this is a great match
video West Point Wrestling Facility - West Point
My wrestling captain is going here
Hells Yeah Push Pull tires the hell out of your neck
video 135lbs Taylor Walsh Camden Catholic- vs. Kodie Silvestri Wallkill Vall... - 2009 NJSIAA New Jersey High School Wrestling Championships
video D3 125 FINAL - Logan Stieber Monroeville vs. Alex Lopez Patrick Henry - 2009 OHSAA Ohio State High School Wrestling Championships
Um... Pennsylvnia (i hope i spelled that right) has the best wrestlers and what about NJ their wrestling is very solid as well as Ohio so saying California has the best wrestlers is kinda pushin it
NJ wrestling looks a little bit better than Ohio
video 125lbs Tyler Sinisgalli John Glen- vs. Mike Walker Uniodale- - 2009 New York State Wrestling Championships
NJ wrestling looks so much better and this is coming from a guy whos from NY

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