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video FPC Finals 140 1-16-10 - Flagler Rotary Invitational
Wow, I agree with Kayo, it was a decisive win, but so was Neirums win over Locksmith at Durant which was just another great match. Wow, you seem to be taking away from Neirum by saying "he needs to tu...
Great coverage Brian and Coach Scott.
video FPC Finals 140 1-16-10 - Flagler Rotary Invitational
Sorry WOW, it was far from a butt whoopin, Mathew had to adjust for the quality of the opponent. Pete, Joe L and Mathew are on another level than what he's used too and he adjusted for it. It appeared...
video 125 semi Corey Wingo (TC) vs David Mahoney (JES) - Flagler Rotary Invitational
Indeed, it was a bad call that cost him the match.
Way to go Lee!
Great Job Doug!
Great Job Joey Hefley!! Or is it HUFFLEY LOL!
coverage 2010 Cheesehead
Thanks Joe! You guys are a great asset to the sport.
Although I'm a huge fan of Greco, I believe the pushout rule has no place in folkstyle. I do however like the idea of riding time. Most of these guys will be heading to college and wrestling within 7 ...
Wow, all of this hate for Cozart. You can dislike him, Brandon or Florida wrestling all you want, but the fact of the matter is that he's a flat out awesome wrestler. 3X state champ, Runner ups (I bel...
No actually, that is not Jay Taylor. The commentator had it correct, it's Ryan Petro who was a young sophomore and not a State Placer as the title states. Petro is, however a very good up and coming w...
Sorry guys, I'm not showing any Florida or Brandon bias but I see Brandon winning by at least 20. Granted that's just my opinion and I reserve the right to be wrong, but they have a stacked lineup wit...
Dave I'll agree with you to a point. But the fact is that NBA franchises aren't closing their programs because the Bulls dominated the 90's or the Lakers or the Celtics. They don't have to worry about...
I think that most of us (on this board) agree that wrestling is the greatest sport out there. Part of problem we face is a lack of backing from certain colleges as well as the knife in the back that w...
coverage 2009 Super 32
Lets see, umm... if I'm not mistaken, these guys work for free, use their own cameras to video our kids while we sit at home and complain that videos aren't coming up fast enough? Oh, did I mention th...
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