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Love the Revlon commercial before the match....... WTH!?
video 149 Ness pinned? - Dylan Ness
No way. Arm was under........ Just to play the coach side, "if you aren't on your back you will never be pinned." Sorry had to say it.
video Flocenter Episode 2 - Flocenter Presented by TapouT Mouthguard
Love it. Matty B and Fretwell at the end trying to get the crowd pumped......
video Super 32 Preview (106lbs - 120lb) - Fret & Roper Previews and Recaps
"SHUT YO MOUF PLAYA!" #newcatchphrase
video Top 50 All Time (29-20) - Fret & Roper Previews and Recaps
My heroes!!! (of boredom) you free me.
video 2011 ACC Conference Preview - Fret & Roper Previews and Recaps
My Heroes.....in a platonic kind of way. by the way...Roper you owe me and will not get done first being closer to the camera....Great job fellas.
video Stevo the 3rd grader - NEW YORK- State Tournament
Coach Koll do you see a possible smoker match with Steveo and Aiken-Phillips? SteveO keep it up buddy! OUTSTANDING!
video Awkward Update - NASCAR Pitstop - 3 Days with IU Wrestling
Not TV B but.......entertaining all the same. If Cliff is the pit crew does that make Matty B the Umbrella girl?
video Awkward update - Flo OG's - 3 Days with IU Wrestling
Troopers.....you guys sacrifice yourselves mentally so we can enjoy ourselves. Here's to you! keep em coming....
Great job coach! I hope you are enjoying Cleveland it seems like it. Good luck to you this year! PS The video doesn't make you look any better. I'm just sayin.
awesome! like the way you Hall county boys are doing things!

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