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i loled sooooooo hard at the beginning. " I already said that" hahahahaha
video Dirty Sonny Scramble - Penn State vs Minnesota
No dude he gassed. If u saw his face after the scramble he took a big breath and he just plain out looked exhausted. maybe he did trip for the takedown but no doubt he was tired after this match. The ...
Preston Quam is legit af
video 220 lbs semi-finals GARRETT LINTON OH vs. THOMAS HAINES PA - Super 32 2011 (FloNationals Major)
awesome spladle
video 84 KG FILA JR QF Ed Ruth VS Morgan McIntosh - 2010 Fila Juniors FreeStyle (GOhioCasts)
Ed Ruth was a redshirt freshman in this video he wasnt a senior in hs.
video Dirty Display - Dirty Flo Takedown of the Week
Dude because if you get a bodylock and you cant finish it you must suck. a bodylock is one of the best positions you can get in wrestling.
That was a bs call for dean he did not get that

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