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@cm11 If you paid per event, I would agree with you. But since you pay for a months or years worth of access, technically all they would owe you is the percentage of coverage you missed out on, which ...
The feed was fine for me. 
From a folkstyle perspective, your son seems like the favorite but he got beat up here. If it was cheating, I'm sure they would have called. You're making yourself look bad by complaining withouy subs...
He was winning before the side headlock was initiated. It seemed like Lipari just gassed out. Olsen has another level, the other wrestled didn't.
And that is how you win a match with zero offensive attacks. All pushouts and a counter on the end for four. Panteleo is the better wrestler, Manville is in better shape and understands freestyle much...
video 74KG Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake, M1 - 2013 World Team Trials
@NorthJerseyD3 @BrandonMohr I was a poor college kid too and I know for sure I wasted more money on eating out and partying than $20 a month. You can whine all you want, but the fact is, if you ...
video 74KG Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake, M1 - 2013 World Team Trials
If you learn how to budget your money, you will have no problem paying $20 a month, if wrestling is that important to you. I can tell you 99% of the whiners spend their money frivolously and could cut...
Dake in 31st-Dake 3-22nd-Burroughs 5-43rd-Dake 4-3
video 60kg F Ben Whitford vs. Jimmy Gulibon - 2013 U.S. Open and Fila JR's
Pico's weight class was 1/5 the strength of 60 kilos. Pico is a stud, but I would find it hard to believe that he would place in that weight class. Mason Beckman was DNP and Pico would not touch Beckm...
I am not going to get on Willie's case, because I do understand why he ranked Whitford so low. But he now knows that Whitford's two losses that put him behind everyone was at 152, a weight class 20 lb...
Any Ben Whitford matches during his amazing run?
Nick, I am getting nothing on the screen but a backgroud. Isn't the tournament supposed to be streaming now?
Are you guys forgetting about Ohio State? They have some great talent coming in and a lot of their studs were sopres or younger. That should be a great battle between them and Michigan over the next c...
Sensative? We are not naive to believe that Hall is 37. Your intentions with the post were to insult Hall for being older, or that is how it came off as. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall, so I...
Pablo, No where in his post did he infer that Hall had an unfair advantage over his opponent. He was just asking if Hall was held back, and that was it. You took it a step farther by slighting Hall. W...

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