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Youth and HS Wrestling and Burnout

Joe Williamson 7 years ago

My brother and I began wrestling around the age of 5. For me, wrestling was my favorite activity. Practice, tournaments, and hanging out with my teammates was so fun. As I grew older, I noticed that many of the other familiar faces at tournaments were leaving the sport, or started to get worse. Many of the kids that thumped me early became worse and seemed to not care. I am sure that my love for the sport at an early age came because of the way my father trained me. This made me want to train myself and always want to get better because it was fun. Pressure always came internally and my dad never added to that pressure. It was not until I was ready that we began changing the approach. My point is that I never got tired of wrestling and the guys that beat me early were no longer good or no longer on the mat. In your eyes, what are important concepts to keep young wrestlers excited about wrestling? How do you get a wrestler to want to train?

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