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Fantasy Match Tournament!

Griffyn Broyles 3 years ago

In the bracket i have made up i will do each rounds votes for one day. basically all you have to do is post on the forum your picks for that round.. voting will end everday at 1:30 pm eastern time. Also the wrestlers in the tournament have to make the collegeweightclass 157. this means the guys who are in the tournament at a lower weight wont have to cut as heavy and wrestle more of their natural weight and the guys who do wrestle higher weights will have to cut to 57. also this is a collegiate style tournament.


Jordan Burroughs vs Bye

Dylan Alton vs Jamal Parks

David Taylor vs Montel Marrion

Kellen Russell vs Bubba Jenkins

Kyle Dake vs Bye

Mike Poeta vs Tyler Caldwell

Frank Molinaro vs JP O'Conner

Brent Metcalf vs Bye

Andrew Howe vs Bye

Derek St. John vs Cam Tessari

Jordan Oliver vs Jordan Leen

Dustin Schlatter vs Bye

Trent Paulson vs Bye

Lance Palmer vs J Jaggers

Dylan Ness vs Andrew Alton

Darrion Caldwell vs Bye

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