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Will Henry Cejudo make the team?

Mark Bader 4 years ago

Henry Cejudo won the hearts of many in 2008 when the 21 year old won an Olympic gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games. Since then a lot has happened. Henry stopped
competing, wrote a book and had a change of pace in his life. He did a lot of travel and promotion, his story of struggles and poverty was out and people were intrigued. Between his story, likable person and overcoming odds to win a gold, Henry Cejudo landed deals with big sponsors like Coke, Ralph Lauren and BMW.

After a layoff over almost three years, Henry Cejudo wrestled against Russia in the Beat the Streets gala last year in Times Square. He looked good and won the match. Since then Cejudo has wrestled in just two tournaments, winning the Sunkist Kids Open and taking second at Henri Deglane Challenge in France. He bounced around with his training and talked about going to Iowa, was in Ohio for a while, and is currently back in his hometown of Phoenix training there.

All signs indicate that Henry Cejudo will be at the Olympic Trials competing at 55kg. How do you think he will do? Will the time away from training and competing hurt him, could it help him? Is the weight cut going to be a factor in how he feels and wrestles? Will he simply be able to dig down deep and find that warrior spirit that helped him find his way to gold in 2008?

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