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Dirty Flo Dictionary (1st Edition)

Brian Wrisinger 4 years ago

Coach Krause- This man has excelled to the highest degree of youth coaching. He once taught a 4 year old how to perfectly execute a superduck suplex to end a freestyle period in 1.2 seconds.

A term used to describe a move or scramble that is even sicker than sick. This term is only used about twice a week (Dirty Scramble and Dirty Takedown).

Dirty Jersey- aka New Jersey was the 3rd state to join the Union and home of one of the sickest HS State wrestling tournaments and fist pumping.

Decked-Pinned Fool

Filthy McNasty-The highest compilment for the sickest most disgusting move or scramble even trumping Dirty. Years have gone by without a situation being called filthy McNasty.

Full allotment of Points-Phrase originated by ZoBo to express when a wrestler has earned 5 swipes.

Godfather-aka Martin Floreani, Founder of Flowrestling

Killa-aka NCAA National Champion Dustin Kilgore. This animal breaks down his opponents with relentless attacks and a never ending gas tank.

aka Mark Morris. This dude crushes the best coverages in the powerhouse of PA and provides indepth info on

Screwy Louie-
I think That's his real name. This is the man that knows everything Jersey, officiates with red and green gloves, and covers the bigtime events on Flo.

A term to describe a move or scramble that was pretty dang sweet.

Refers to the counting of nearfall by the official. Credited to Fretwell and Roper,This term originated in the dirty south.

Tech and Deck-When a wrestler is losing by 13 or 14 point, gives up swipes (see above), then gets pinned. This happens when one wrestler totally dominates his broken opponent.

Toosh-The sound of the mat slap when you pin some sorry sucka.

WHAT! WHAT!! WHAT!!!- Oh......My................Gosh!

ZoBo-aka Zeb Miller. This Ohio Maven runs with Opfer and McCutcheon blowing peoples minds with unmatched Ohio action on the site that is GOhiocasts.

Help Us build this thang up. Put your wrestling lingo in the comments. We will add the sweet ones.

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