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Ibragim Saidov
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Russian Nationals Super Highlights 2012

on July 11, 2012

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The best action from Flowrestling's coverage of the 2012 Russian Nationals Championships held in St. Petersburg Russia at SKK Arena. Russian wrestling has been the most dominant on the world stage for quite some time. The Russian Nationals wrestling tournament is one of the most competitive wrestling tournaments in the world when you consider the depth that Russian wrestling has. Flowrestling has been attending the Russian Nationals for five years now and provide great coverage of the event each year. There were a lot of exciting things that took place and one of the biggest stories was 2x defending 55kg world champion Victor Lebedev getting upset by Jamal Otarsultanov in the gold medal match. Another 2x defending world champion, Besik Kudukhov, won his weight class 60kg to once again represent Russia, this time at the Olympic Games. There was of course the scandal and riots at 74kg when Adam Saitiev was given a path to the finals where he lost to yet another 2x world champion Denis Tsargush. Shortly after Tsargush beat Saitiev in the finals a riot erupted in the crowd. There's never a dull moment at Russian Nationals on Flowrestling.

  • 2010 Russian National Champion 2009 Russian National Runner Up

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