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9 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Team

on January 17, 2011

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1) Identify Your Needs: First, answer this question: What do you need to be successful? Is it money? Community support? Administrative support? Fans? Equipment (otherwise known as "more money")?
Only then can you decide if you should use social media. Because it will give you all of the above.

1) Email newsletters: Where is the first place you go when you turn on your computer? Your email inbox right? Your fans are no different. You can't control your tv, newspaper, and radio coverage but you can control when you send an email.

2) Facebook Fan Page: Where is the second place you go when you turn on your computer? If you're like the 500 million of us on Facebook, then that's where you go. Once again, be where your fans are.

3) Delete the Facebook profile that you started for your team. Your team is not a person and it doesn't have friends. Don't be an amateur. Start a Fan Page.

4) Video: Youtube, Flocasts and Ustream are popular for a reason. Learn from others and have a video presence for goodness sake! Buy a $150 Flip Camera and get shooting. Your fans crave video. Give it to them or suffer the consequences of a poorly engaged fanbase.

5) Tweet: Even if you think its stupid, hundreds of millions of us out here don't. That's how we keep up with the world. Not on Twitter? You're not in my world... at least missing from a big part of it.

6) Meet them: Meet your fans in-person. When you tie in the high-tech and high-touch, then you have fans for life.

7) Utilize them: Ask them for ideas, suggestions or input. Give them ownership and they'll be bought in. Coaches learn this in Coaching 101. It works with your fans too.

8) Engage: Have contests,

9) Make time: After all of this, you're telling me that you don't have the time. Of course you don't. You have to watch Dancing with the Stars, waste hours of your life with hangovers, and gossip about your boss. It is a matter of priorities. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important are your fans?

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