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Urijah Faber
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Urijah Faber throws a tshirt, mat 3 goes down

on October 26, 2013

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Was a successful college wrestler at Cal Davis University. He started fighting after college. He held the KOTC and GC championship belts before he vacared them when he joined the WEC. He beat Cole Escobezo in his first WEC fight for the Featherweight title and has successfully defended it 5 times.

Urijah Faber grew up in Northern California in a holistic household where his parents would have him eat healthy and refused immunization shots.

He was born in a house on May 14th 1979, in the college town of Isla Vista, California (a small town bordering UC Santa Barbara), and raised in Sacramento, California. Urijah's upbringing was very unique. From birth he was raised holistic, being born at home with mid-wife's, and his parents refusing immunization shots. Until this day Urijah has scarecely used conventional medicine, and has maintained a lifetime of healthy habits in diet and excercise. Urijah attended High School in Lincoln, a small town of about 8,000 people, where he was a standout athlete. Athletics had been a part of Urijah's life since an early age, he spent much of his childhood and teen years occupied with playing football, roller hockey, and wrestling. After a successful high school career as a wrestler. Urijah moved on to furthur his wrestling along with his academics at University of California at Davis.

  • University Of California-davis

  • 21-1

  • Current WEC featherweight champion.

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