2017 Pinning Down Autism

Pinning Down Autism

New York vs New Jersey

99- Dean Peterson (New Jersey) dec Anthony Noto (New York) 9-4 
106- Samuel Alvarez (New Jersey) dec Zack Redding (New York) 7-4
113- Antonio Mininno (New Jersey) dec Greg Diakomihalis (New York) 3-2 
120- Joseph Aragona (New Jersey) fall Marco Vespa (New York) 
126- Nick Raimo (New Jersey) md Satoshi Abe (New York) 13-4
132- Vito Arujau (New York) dec Gianni Ghione (New Jersey) 7-3 
138- Jake Silverstein (New York) dec Jake Benner (New Jersey) 8-5 
145- Nick Santos (New Jersey) dec Anthony Sobotker (New York) 9-3
152- Robert Kanniard (New Jersey) dec Ross MacFarland (New York) 12-5 
160- Andrew Merola (New Jersey) dec Kyle Jasenski (New York) 6-3
170- Tyler Barnes (New York) vs Jacob Cardenas (New Jersey) 7-2
182- Sam Wustefield (New Jersey) dec Kyle Davis (New York) 5-1
195- Kyle Lightner (New Jersey) md Sam Schuyler (New York) 14-4
220- Eric Keosseian (New Jersey) dec Ryan Ellefson (New York) 11-6
285- Parker Fox (New Jersey) vs Deonte Wilson (New York)

New York vs Pennsylvania

99- Anthony Noto (New York) md Alex Hanley (PA) 12-0
106- Ryan Miller (PA) vs Zack Redding(New York)
113- Greg Diakomihalis (New York) dec Cam Enriquez (PA) 10-3
120- Travis Brown (PA) fall Marco Vespa (New York) :47
126- KJ Fenstermacher (PA) dec Satoshi Abe (New York) 7-4
132- Vito Arujau (New York) md Julian Chlebove (PA) 14-3
138- Jake Silverstein (New York) md Patrick Gould (PA) 10-2
145- Brock Wilson (PA) dec Anthony Sabolter (New York) 8-4
152- Eddie Hay (PA) dec Ross McFarland (New York) 4-3
160- Kyle Jasenski (New York) dec Cade Wilson (PA) 8-6
170- Darrian Roberts (PA) vs Tyler Barnes(New York)
182- Travis Stefanik (PA) md Kyle Davis (New York) 11-3
195- Sam Schuyler (New York) dec Mike Dogged (PA) 8-3
220- Mansur Abdul Malik (PA) dec Ryan Ellefson(New York) 8-6
285- Daniel Herman (PA) vs Deonte Wilson (New York) 5-3

113- Greg Diakomihalis (New York) dec Samuel Alvarez (New Jersey) 3-2

New Jersey vs Pennsylvania 

99- Dean Peterson (New Jersey) fall Alex Hanley (PA) 2:35
106- Samuel Alvarez (New Jersey) dec Ryan Miller (PA) 6-4
113- Cam Enriquez (PA) dec Antonio Mininno (New Jersey) 5-4
120- Nick Raimo (New Jersey) md Travis Brown (PA) 17-3
126- Jake Benner (New Jersey) md Patrick Gould (PA) 12-2
132- Gianni Ghione (New Jersey) fall KJ Fenstemacher (PA) :17
138- Nick Santos (New Jersey) dec Brock Wilson (PA) 3-2
145- Robert Kanniard (New Jersey) dec Chase Anklam (PA) 9-3
152- Joseph Napoleone (New Jersey) dec Eddie Hay (PA) 8-2
160- Andrew Merola (New Jersey) dec Cade Wilson (PA) 6-0
170- Jacob Cardenas (New Jersey) md Darrian Roberts (PA) 10-1
182- Travis Stefanik (PA) dec Sean Wustefeld (New Jersey) 13-5
195- Kyle Lightner (New Jersey) tf Mike Doggett (PA) 16-1
220- Mansur Abdul Malik (PA) dec Eric Acciardi (New Jersey) OT 5-3
285- Daniel Herman (PA) dec Parker Fox (New Jersey) 4-3

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