2017 EIWA Championships

American, Army, Binghamton, Brown, Bucknell, Columbia, Cornell, Drexel, Franklin & Marshall, Harvard, Hofstra, Lehigh, Navy, Penn, Princeton and Sacred Heart will all be looking to punch some tickets to the NCAA Tournament.

Cornell wins it's 11th straight team title with four champs.


Finals Results

125: Darian Cruz (Lehigh) DEC Josh Terao (American), 5-4
133: Scott Parker (Lehigh) DEC Jeffrey Ott (Harvard), 6-2
141: Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) DEC Randy Cruz (Lehigh), 3-2
149: Jordan Laster (Princeton) DEC Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), 8-5
157: Dylan Palacio (Cornell) DEC Russell Parsons (Army), 4-2
165: Brandon Womack (Cornell) TF Brooks Martino (Penn), 16-1 5:32
174: Brian Realbuto (Cornell) DEC Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), 3-2
184: Gabe Dean (Cornell) TF Michael Coleman (Navy), 24-9 6:40
197: Frank Mattiace (Penn) DEC Tom Sleigh (Bucknell), 4-4 TB2
285: Garrett Ryan (Columbia) DEC Joey Goodhart (Drexel), 7-3

Semifinal Results

125: Darian Cruz (Lehigh) F Noah Baughman (Cornell), 1:34
125: Josh Terao (American) MD Trey Chalifoux (Army), 12-0

133: Scott Parker (Lehigh) MD Mark Grey (Cornell), 10-2
133: Jeffrey Ott (Harvard) DEF Kevin Devoy (Drexel)

141: Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) DEC Jared Prince (Navy), 3-1
141: Randy Cruz (Lehigh) DEC Tyler Smith (Bucknell), 3-2

149: Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) DEC Laike Gardner (Lehigh), 11-7 SV
149: Jordan Laster (Princeton) DEC Matt Cimato (Drexel), 5-3 SV

157: Dylan Palacio (Cornell) MD Steven Galiardo (Brown), 11-2
157: Russell Parsons (Army) MD Mike D'angelo (Princeton), 10-2

165: Brandon Womack (Cornell) DEC Jon Viruet (Brown), 6-1
165: Brooks Martino (Penn) F Tyrel White (Columbia), 6:33

174: Brian Realbuto (Cornell) DEC Jadeen Bernstein (Navy), 8-4
174: Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) DEC Casey Kent (Penn), 7-3

184: Gabe Dean (Cornell) F Samson Imonode (Army), 4:24
184: Michael Coleman (Navy) DEC Steve Schneider (Binghamton), 6-3

197: Tom Sleigh (Bucknell) DEC Rocco Caywood (Army), 3-1
197: Frank Mattiace (Penn) DEC Brett Harner (Princeton), 4-3

285: Joey Goodhart (Drexel) DEC Ray O'donnell (Princeton), 3-2
285: Garrett Ryan (Columbia) DEC Doug Vollaro (Lehigh), 6-2

Quarterfinal Results 

125: Darian Cruz (Lehigh) TF Jordan Gessner (Bucknell), 18-3 5:00
125: Noah Baughman (Cornell) DEC Steve Bulzomi (Binghamton), 8-2
125: Trey Chalifoux (Army) DEC Tanner Shoap (Drexel), 7-4
125: Josh Terao (American) TF Johnson Mai (Columbia), 15-0 4:06

133: Scott Parker (Lehigh) MD Joey Gould (Bucknell), 10-1
133: Mark Grey (Cornell) DEC Pat D'arcy (Princeton), 3-1
133: Kevin Devoy (Drexel) DEC Austin Harry (Army), 4-0
133: Jeffrey Ott (Harvard) DEC Esteban Gomez-rivera (American), 6-3

141: Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) DEC Jacob Macalolooy (Columbia), 6-1
141: Jared Prince (Navy) F Logan Everett (Army), 6:23
141: Tyler Smith (Bucknell) DEC Aj Jaffe (Harvard), 10-8 SV
141: Randy Cruz (Lehigh) DEC Will Koll (Cornell), 6-0

149: Laike Gardner (Lehigh) DEC Michael Sprague (American), 4-2
149: Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) DEC Danny Reed (Columbia), 7-6
149: Matt Cimato (Drexel) MD Corey Wilding (Navy), 11-1
149: Jordan Laster (Princeton) DEC Parker Kropman (Binghamton), 7-4

157: Steven Galiardo (Brown) MD Jake Kaminsky (Hofstra), 12-2
157: Dylan Palacio (Cornell) DEC May Bethea (Penn), 5-1
157: Mike D'angelo (Princeton) DEC Zack Davis (Navy), 10-7
157: Russell Parsons (Army) F Tristan Rifanburg (Binghamton), 3:23

165: Brandon Womack (Cornell) DEC Drew Daniels (Navy), 3-0
165: Jon Viruet (Brown) DEC Austin Rose (Drexel), 7-5 TB2
165: Tyrel White (Columbia) DEC Andrew Mendel (Army), 2-1
165: Brooks Martino (Penn) DEC Cole Walter (Lehigh), 8-4

174: Brian Realbuto (Cornell) TF Andrew Labrie (Brown), 16-1 7:00
174 Jadeen Bernstein (Navy) DEC Josef Johnson (Harvard), 7-3
174: Casey Kent (Penn) DEC Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton), 3-1
174: Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) DEC Ben Harvey (Army), 3-0

184: Gabe Dean (Cornell) TF Joe Heyob (Penn), 21-6 6:01
184: Samson Imonode (Army) DEC Alex Deciantis (Drexel), 6-3
184: Michael Coleman (Navy) F Jacob Young (Columbia), 0:08
184: Steve Schneider (Binghamton) DEC Garrett Hoffman (Bucknell), 10-7

197: Tom Sleigh (Bucknell) MD Mark Tracy (Binghamton), 11-3
197: Rocco Caywood (Army) DEC Ben Honis (Cornell), 4-3
197: Frank Mattiace (Penn) DEC Ben Haas (Lehigh), 12-5
197: Brett Harner (Princeton) MD Jeric Kasunic (American), 8-0

285: Joey Goodhart (Drexel) DEC Ian Butterbodt (Brown), 4-0
285: Ray O'donnell (Princeton) DEC Tyler Greene (Bucknell), 9-6
285: Garrett Ryan (Columbia) DEF Craig Scott (Cornell)
285: Doug Vollaro (Lehigh) DEC Connor Calkins (Binghamton), 6-0
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