2016 Keystone Classic Results

2016 Keystone Classic Results
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Final Results
125 Nick Suriano (Penn State) MD Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan), 12-4
133 Dom Forys (Pitt) DEC Kevin Devoy (Drexel University), 8-3
141 Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan) DEC Kade Moss (Penn State), 5-2
149 Zain Retherford (Penn State) F Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State), 2:46
157 Jason Nolf (Penn State) TF Maaziah Bethea (Penn), 25-10 6:04
165 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) DEC Te'shan Campbell (Pitt), 9-5
174 Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) d Geno Morelli (Penn State), 2-1, 11:00
184 Bo Nickal (Penn State) F Mitch Sliga (Northwestern University), 6:34
197 Matt Mccutcheon (Penn State) DEC Frank Mattiace (Penn), 3-1
285 Nick Nevills (Penn State) DEC Denzel Dejournette (Appalachian State), 8-3

Semifinal Results
125 Nick Suriano (Penn State) DEC Zack Fuentes (Drexel University), 4-2
125 Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan) DEC Vito Pasone (Appalachian State), 5-2
133 Dom Forys (Pitt) MD Colby Smith (Appalachian State), 17-9
133 Kevin Devoy (Drexel University) DEC Jered Cortez (Penn State), 5-4
141 Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan) DEC Robert Lee (Pitt), 6-4
141 Kade Moss (Penn State) DEC Dom Giannangeli (Penn State), 7-3
149 Zain Retherford (Penn State) F Mikey Racciato (Pitt), 4:43
149 Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State) F Gary Dinmore (Penn State), 8:30
157 Jason Nolf (Penn State) TF Jake Wentzel (Pitt), 19-4 6:01
157 Maaziah Bethea (Penn) DEC Neal Richards (Virginia Military Institute), 8-4 SV
165 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) DEC Chad Walsh (Rider University), 12-5
165 Te'shan Campbell (Pitt) DEC Forrest Przybysz (Appalachian State), 7-4
174 Geno Morelli (Penn State) DEC Jacob Davis (Eastern Michigan), 6-0
174 Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) DEC Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern University), 7-2
184 Bo Nickal (Penn State) F Anthony Mancini (F&M), 4:18
184 Mitch Sliga (Northwestern University) DEC Alex Deciantis (Drexel University), 6-0
197 Matt Mccutcheon (Penn State) DEC Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern University), 7-1
197 Frank Mattiace (Penn) DEC Kellan Stout (Penn State), 3-2
285 Denzel Dejournette (Appalachian State) DEC Nickolas Gajdzik (Harvard), 6-0
285 Nick Nevills (Penn State) MD Joey Goodhart (Drexel University), 9-1

Quarterfinal Results

125 Nick Suriano (Penn State) MD Anthony Rubinetti (Northwestern University), 16-4
125 Zack Fuentes (Drexel University) DEC Lj Bentley (Pitt), 5-4
125 Vito Pasone (Appalachian State) MD Dalton Henderson (Virginia Military Institute), 14-6
125 Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan) F Patrick Higgins (Penn State), 3:19
133 Dom Forys (Pitt) F Anthony Canfora (Drexel University), 4:21
133 Colby Smith (Appalachian State) MD Jeffrey Ott (Harvard), 17-4
133 Kevin Devoy (Drexel University) F Jason Ipsarides (Northwestern University), 1:49
133 Jered Cortez (Penn State) DEC Shayne Wireman (Eastern Michigan), 10-3
141 Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan) DEC Alec Mckenna (Northwestern University), 12-6
141 Robert Lee (Pitt) DEC Aj Jaffe (Harvard), 4-2
141 Kade Moss (Penn State) MD Aj Vindici (Penn), 14-2
141 Dom Giannangeli (Penn State) DEC Samuel Goldman (Harvard), 3-2
149 Zain Retherford (Penn State) F Shayne Oster (Northwestern University), 0:48
149 Mikey Racciato (Pitt) DEC Nick Barber (Eastern Michigan), 6-4
149 Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State) MD Stevan Smith (Virginia Military Institute), 10-0
149 Gary Dinmore (Penn State) DEC Alex Murray (Pitt), 3-1 SV
157 Jason Nolf (Penn State) F Zac Carson (Eastern Michigan), 3:45
157 Jake Wentzel (Pitt) MD Jack Conway (Penn), 8-0
157 Neal Richards (Virginia Military Institute) MD Jj Wolfe (Eastern Michigan), 13-3
157 Maaziah Bethea (Penn) DEC Casey Mitchell (Sacred Heart University), 7-3
165 Chad Walsh (Rider University) F Joseph Velliquette (Penn), 0:54
165 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) TF Austin Rose (Drexel University), 23-6 6:41
165 Forrest Przybysz (Appalachian State) MD Rob King (F&M), 9-1
165 Te'shan Campbell (Pitt) TF Dakota Greene (Drexel University), 16-0 4:00
174 Geno Morelli (Penn State) F Shabaka Johns (Virginia Military Institute), 4:05
174 Jacob Davis (Eastern Michigan) DEC Josef Johnson (Harvard), 4-3
174 Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern University) F Wayne Stinson (Rider University), 3:26
174 Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) F Nick Elmer (Drexel University), 1:30
184 Bo Nickal (Penn State) F Kayne Maccallum (Eastern Michigan), 2:57
184 Anthony Mancini (F&M) DEC Christian Dietrich (Pitt), 10-6
184 Mitch Sliga (Northwestern University) DEC David Peters-logue (Appalachian State), 8-1
184 Alex Deciantis (Drexel University) DEC Mike Fagg-daves (Rider University), 4-3
197 Matt Mccutcheon (Penn State) DEC Zach Bruce (Pitt), 5-2
197 Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern University) DEC Joe Heyob (Penn), 11-6
197 Kellan Stout (Penn State) DEC Josh Murphy (Drexel University), 6-4 SV
197 Frank Mattiace (Penn) F Randall Diabe (Appalachian State), 9:02
285 Denzel Dejournette (Appalachian State) DEC Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan), 8-1
285 Nickolas Gajdzik (Harvard) DEC Mauro Correnti (Rider University), 6-0
285 Joey Goodhart (Drexel University) DEC Cary Miller (Appalachian State), 2-0
285 Nick Nevills (Penn State) F Tommy Shea-roop (Virginia Military Institute), 1:57
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