UWW Junior Women's Nationals

Results for the UWW Junior Nationals

Finals Matchups - Best of 3

44kg: Asia Ray (Arlington Storm Wrestling) vs Charlie Hamer (Warriors WC)
48kg: McKayla Campbell (Ohio National Team) vs Kateri Rowell (Choker WC)
51kg: Vayle Baker (Team Pennsylvania) vs Cameron Guerin (Team Takedown)
55kg: Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids) vs Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Spring Klein WC)
59kg: Gracie Figueroa (Titan Mercury) vs Nicole Joseph (King University)
63kg: Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids) vs Teshya Alo (Titan Mercury)
67kg: Jayden Laurent (Team Wisconsin) vs Alexandria Glaude (McKendree Bearcat WC)
72kg: Rachel Watters (Aries WC) vs Andrea Sennett (McKendree Bearcat WC)

Semifinals Results

44kg: Asia Ray (Arlington Storm Wrestling) dec. Genae Sampract (Team Illinois), 9-6
44kg: Charlie Hamer (Warriors WC) fall Lizzette Ramos (Tokay HS), 0:42
48kg: Kateri Rowell (Choker WC) dec. Aleeah Gould (King University), 6-2
48kg: McKayla Campbell (Ohio National Team) TF Katlyn Pizzo (Michigan Women's Wrestling), 10-0
51kg: Vayle Baker (Team Pennsylvania) dec. Charlotte Fowler (Campbellsville), 4-3
51kg: Cameron Guerin (Team Takedown) TF Theresa Rankin (McKendree Bearcat WC), 15-5
55kg: Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids) TF Amanda Walker (Team Pennsylvania), 15-4
55kg: Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Spring Klein WC) TF Lauren Mason (Burnaby Mountain WC), 10-0
59kg: Gracie Figueroa (Titan Mercury) dec. Teniya Alo (Unattached), 8-2
59kg: Nicole Joseph (King University) fall Emma Bruntil (Choker WC), 1:51
63kg: Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids) TF Elissa Douglass (Scots Wrestling Club), 10-0
63kg: Teshya Alo (Titan Mercury) fall Gladdys Palma (Southern Oregon Univ), 0:59
67kg: Jayden Laurent (Team Wisconsin) TF Rachael Butler (North Coast Grapplers), 12-1
67kg: Alexandria Glaude (McKendree Bearcat WC) dec. Desiree Zavala (Southern Oregon Universty), 9-0
72kg: Rachel Watters (Aries WC) dec. Morgan Becker (Campbellsville), 10-2
72kg: Andrea Sennett (McKendree Bearcat WC) dec. Alyvia Fiske (Napa Sheriff`s WC), 9-0
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