The Top Sophomores in the country are ranked. Is it Spencer Lee or Daton Fix?

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SO Big Board Notes
Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor

Spencer Lee remains the top dog, but after his sizzling tournament in which he beat several college guys, Daton Fix may have given this class its first real question.
The Big Board looks at talent through the lens of 'college prospect'. Spencer Lee just dismantles everyone. And his top game is such an incredible asset in folkstyle. So until further notice, I still have him at #1.

Big Movers:
Chase Singletary - I loved what he did this season. Certainly upped his stock with me, all the way to the tune of #6. His top game sets him a part.
Mikey Labriola - He's been in and out of the Big Boards the past three years, but his recent performances had me drooling. Elevate technique and non stop motor.
Stephan Glasgow - Garden Staters have been raving about him for a couple years. It's not 'hype' any longer. This kid can go.
Seth Janney - Just a 4-0 loss to the #1 kid (Jordan Wood) in the country and a Soph. title in VA Beach.

New Faces:
#18-Stephan Glasgow, NJ - 145 - State Runner-Up, NHSCA Runner-Up
#23-Seth Janney, PA - 220 - State Runner-Up, NHSCA Champ
#34-Brian Courtney, PA - 113/120 - State Runner-Up and VA Beach Champ
#43-Zach Trampe, PA - 132 - State Runner-Up
#40-Chasen Blair, CA - 182 - State 5th and VA Beach Champ
#46-Trent Hillger, MI - 220 - State Champ
#48-Chase Shiltz, IA - 160 - State Champ

*Expect the FR Big Board to be updated shortly.

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