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General Notes:

The rankings here suggest those likely to have the greatest degree of college potential. The Big Boards, and especially the SR Big Board, is less congruent with and less reliant upon, weight class rankings which are more a product of a system that gauges wrestlers on wins, losses, and production. The Big Board here is an evaluation of skill set, weight dynamics, and intangibles.

Big Movers:

Evan Wick, CA - a borderline Top 100 recruit, Wick went from out to #34 in the matter of a summer (read: “Fargo”). Funny thing is, although he did his damage in FS, I even like him more in Folk. His length and scrambliness is gonna cause nightmares on college mats.

Kyle Bierdumpfel, NJ - From #75 to #36

Owen Webster, MN - From #96 to #42

Carter Isely, IA - From #93 to #61

New Faces (15):

#34-Evan Wick, CA

#47-Tyler Frankrone, KY

#48-Travis Piotrowski, IL

#51-Lucas Jeske, MN

#74-Brandon Cray, NJ

#75-Kevin Parker, NY

#77-Andrew Piehl, MN

#78-Dan Perry, MI

#88-Ian Parker, MI

#89-Mike Carr, PA

#91-Sebastian Rivera, NJ

#92-Ethan McCoy, PA

#93-AJ Nevills, CA

#94-Requir Van der Merve, NJ

#95-Christian Araneo, NY

Best Weights of 2016:

It’s difficult to assess, because if you slot a few kids at a particular weight and they go up (or down), it dramatically changes the weight class’s value. But generally speaking, the bumper crop this year comes at 184 with Reenan and Colbray and then Geer, Hokit, and Traxler. And I have high hopes for Tyler Frankrone. Even if some of them miss, there are so many awesome 184’s here. I think when we look back at this class, it’s 125 and 184 that we remember in bunches.

Top 100 Prospects By Weights for 2016:

125lbs. - 14

133lbs. - 9

141lbs. - 12

149lbs. - 8

157lbs. - 7

165lbs. - 12

174lbs. - 6

184lbs. - 12

197lbs. - 8

HWT. - 12

Flyin’ Off the Shelves - The early signing period is three weeks away, yet, only 48 of the Top 100 are available with just 3 of those coming in the Top 10.

Five guys you’re going to say “Really, that high?” about:

Israel Saavedra, CA - He’s taken a couple losses, which explains his conservative (#7) ranking ay 132. I’m super high on him as a college prospect. Technically terrific, and unreal at moving from one move to the next.

Griffin Parriott, MN - Parriott had an uneven summer. A sterling performance at Vegas in UWW JR’s where he beat a Top 10 Class of 2014 recruit, Alfred Bannister. But then a sub-par Fargo dropped him to 6th at 152. The kid’s a beast and I like his upside.

Josh Hokit, CA - A little under the radar, but I love his long-term potential.

Jake Wentzel, PA - Another kid that has to be ranked in the weight class rankings significantly lower than what his true talent is. A few goofy off-season losses aside, Wentzel is a fine prospect.

Tyler Warner, OH - I predict big things for Warner. He’s unsigned now. But either after Super 32 or Ironman, he’s gonna be fighting off college recruiters.

Thanks for reading and have fun perusing the profiles.