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SR Big Board Update

Willie Saylor, Editor

The rankings here suggest those likely to have the greatest degree of college potential. The Big Boards, and especially the SR Big Board, is less congruent with and less reliant upon, weight class rankings which are more a product of a system that gauges wrestlers on wins, losses, and production. The Big Board here is an evaluation of skill set, weight dynamics, and intangibles.

It should also be noted that I removed all prospects known to be playing football for two reasons: 1) the obvious - they'll be playing football and their production at the next level at this time is projected to be non existent and 2) to give others that will be wrestling recognition.

The Football Players That Would Have Made the List
Kenny Brinson, Marist, GA - Army
Michael Johnson, Jr., Montini, IL - Yale
Gage Cervenka, Emerald, SC - Clemson
Angus Arthur, St. Johns, MI - Purdue
Jan Johnson, Governor Mifflin, PA - Penn State
Jake Marnin, Southeast Polk, IA - Southern Illinois

New Faces: The 'New Faces' section in this edition will be a little skewed (there will be more) due to removing the footballers. Additionally, there are two categories of "New Faces" - those that are getting back in, and these wrestlers who make their Big Board debut:

#32-Tyree Sutton, NJ - State finals win over a Top 10 opponent and a FloNats title
#38-TeShan Campbell, PA - Was the buzz in Hershey and even in a loss at Dapper
#59-Kellan Stout, PA - Made second trips to Powerade and State finals and won both
#69-Alex Rich, OR - the breakout for him came with a PSN title.
#70-David Showunmi, NJ - Ironman and Prep titles opened eyes.
#78-Jacob Seely, CO - Fantastic SR season in crowded CO 195 landscape.
#86-Eric Barone, IL - Upset Larry Early in State Finals.
#98-Jon Furnas, OH - Cornell got in early on him before he posted ranked wins.
#99-McCoy Kent, CA - Solid season in one of deepest state brackets.
#100-Ben Lamantia, NY - Great S32 followed by State Title.

Big Movers
With a fine 3rd place showing at S32 coupled with a win over PA State Champ AC Headlee, Jared Prince was the biggest mover among his tier. He went from #45 to #18 in a move that sees him become my 3rd highest projected 141lber.

The Northern Iowa duo of Max Thomsen and Bryce Steiert made big gains as well. Thomsen posted wins over Stroker and took 1 of 3 bouts against Kemerer. Steiert split matches with Racer and beat Shields.

Other wrestlers that gained my confidence since my last update include Korbin Myers, Jordan Kutler, Cole Walter, Andrew Dunn, and Tate Orndorff.

Best Weights of 2015:
It's difficult to assess, because if you slot a few kids at a particular weight and they go up (or down), it dramatically changes the weight class's value. But generally speaking, the bumper crop this year comes at 165. Three of the Top 7 and as many as eight of the Top 30 are right in this range. 141lb. prospects are also a nice group this year. The most difficult prospects to find in this cycle were the big guys; it was slim pickin's among 197 and HWT talent.

Watch for the Junior Big Board to come out in two weeks when we debut the updated list of America's most coveted recruits!

Thanks for reading and have fun perusing the profiles.

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