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JR Big Board Notes

In many ways, the JR Big Board has become the most important in all of high school wrestling. When you consider that recruits are committing (and colleges offering) at an earlier and earlier rate, evaluation also takes place earlier.

Note that I’ve changed the weights to college weights - which are my projections.

A Look at the Future -

There are four wrestlers in the JR Class that are ranked #1. But there are seven more if you pull out all the Seniors. Guys like Jacob Warner and Chase Singletary would not be just ‘good wrestlers,’ but elite superstars. They’re the guys that will be headliners this time next year, if not sooner.

Watch for Devin Bahr (WI). He’s currently not ranked (in WT. Class rankings) because he missed almost an entire year. But he’s a talent, and shows up here.

Biggest Movers - Keep in mind that this is the first JR Big Board of the Year. The Sophomore Big Board stops at 50, while the JR is Top 100.

Andrew Davison, IN - Loved what I saw out of him in Fargo. Both technical and tough. Great frame. He goes from unranked in Soph’s to #24.

Jacob Warner, IL - He put it on the field in Fargo. He moves from #26 to #9.

Jelani Embree, PA - Jumped twenty spots from #35 to #15 with his Akron title.

The Senior Big Board was revamped last week.

Watch for the Sophomore update next week.