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JR Big Board Notes
Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor

At this time of year, the most important Big Board update is the Juniors. With most (97 of 100) Seniors committed to colleges, their time has passed. College coaches look to the Class of 2016 to see what talent they'll target.
Of course, with a full slate of summer freestyle awaiting us, things will certainly change. But this is the first look at the Class of 2016 after their third full year of HS.

Biggest Movers:
Keegan Moore: the new #1 at 182 is now in the Top 10 of the JR Big Board
Nathan Traxler: from #92 to #24. Frankly, I love what I saw out of him this year.
Ethan Andersen & Gannon Gremmel: become the #2 and #3 220's in the country.
Eric Schultz: the highest ranked newcomer to the JR BB after winning both FS and GR state.

Rankings, Shmankings:
This is where I go to bat for guys that I think are more talented (and represent a better recruit) than what their regular weight class ranking is.
Nathan Traxler: took a loss at FS state, but I saw more than enough this season to be sold on him.
Dakota Geer: doesn't have the body of work to be higer in the regular weight class rankings but the kid has the goods.
Israel Saavedra: his state loss was flukish. This kid's a dynamo.
John Jakobsen: limited wins over top competition but I suspect that change.
Jarrett Degen: one of the best kept secrets. This kid is funky and dangerous.

At the time of this writing -
In sign of the times, 26 of the 100 here are already committed.

Thanks for reading. Look for the Sophomore Big Board in the coming weeks.
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