Rank Last Year Name School State
1 1 SR. Mark Hall Apple Valley MN
2 2 JR. Daton Fix Sand Springs OK
3 3 JR. Spencer Lee Franklin Reg PA
4 8 SR. Nick Reenan Wy Sem PA
5 4 SR. Nick Suriano Bergen Cath. NJ
6 5 JR. Yianni Diakhomihalis Hilton NY
7 6 SR. Alex Marinelli Graham OH
8 7 SR. Chad Red New Palestine IN
9 13 SO. Gable Steveson Apple Valley MN
10 10 SR. Rudy Yates Carl Sandburg IL
11 HM SR. Jordan Wood Boyertown PA
12 11 SR. Luke Pletcher GR Latrobe PA
13 12 SR. Isaiah White OPRF IL
14 HM SR. Hayden Hidlay Mifflin County PA

It's been an odd summer, and with an oddly inconsistent group. Most times, it's tough to leave a couple guys out of the P4P. Now, it's tough to find the guys who don't have too many holes in their resume to warrant one of the last few spots.

It's time to give Nick Reenan a bump. Some will say it's unfair to Yianni, Marinelli, and Red, but follow me here...

In addition to having one of the longest winning streaks in the country, the kid absolutely dismantled the field in both styles at Fargo and 182 FS was the deepest bracket this year.

Reenan has distanced himself from everyone outside of Mark Hall within a 3-weight-class area.

Other P4P moves:

- Steveson moves up with yet another national title.

- Wood gets back in making the finals in both styles and winning JR FS.

- Manville falls out with losses to Early and Hidlay.

- Colbray falls out with a loss to Seely.

- With Colbray and Manville falling out, there were two spots to be filled. Hidlay clearly gets one. Sure he had the loss to Wick, but name someone else who has as many Top 5 wins and less losses than Hidlay.

- Pletcher gets back in. Yes, McKee won the most recent head-to-head, but he's also lost three times since then. The spot would have went to McKee had he beaten LaMont in the finals.

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