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4/1/2015 P4P Notes

**P4P Explained** -I've said this many times, but it's best to cement it in the notes for good.  Pound for pound is for fun, and is more rooted in my opinion than the individual rankings.  That's why an athlete may be higher in the individual rankings than they are in the P4P or vice versa.  There's some process, but at the end of the day, how I personally feel about how excellent the athlete is goes a long way.  This is why they are very different from individual rankings where personal opinions are not factored in. 

So you get the Final P4P rankings this week, the final Individual rankings next week.

1-5 really was no trouble.  1-4 all held at NCAA's and IMAR goes undefeated in dominant fashion.  No brainer for 5.  Gadson and Brewer get huge jumps not only because of their wins but their astounding dominance.  Their jumps (particularly Brewer's) are drastic but indicative of their excellence.  Brewer laid waste to a field we praised all year for its depth and overall strength.

Dean had one bad weekend all year so he slots in well, then Tomasello behind him.  Waters remains high despite finishing 3rd.  His wins this season are still insane.

Coon comes in at 15 after a great NCAA's where he avenged a loss to McMullan.  Regardless, McMullan's consistency holds up and merits a higher p4p finish than Coon.  Snyder goes ahead of J'den.  Tsirtsis slides some more after a 3rd place finish and  aloss to Habat.  Dardanes falls after losses to Brewer and Schopp. 
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