Russian Nationals Wrestling Championships

The Russian Nationals wrestling tournament is regarded as one of the toughest wrestling tournaments in the world. The Russian Freestyle wrestling team is the reigning world champions and return with 5 gold medalists from last years world championships of wrestling held in Moscow Russia. Russian Nationals competition is sometimes harder to win than the actual world championships as many weights have multiple world and olympic champions trying to win 1 spot. Flowrestling is working on its forth year of coverage at Russian Nationals and has captured many world elites such as Buvasar Saitiev, Mavlet Batirov, Khadzimurad Gatsolov, Biylol Makhov, Basik Kadukhov, and many more.

This years Russian Nationals will take flowrestling to a different side of Russia while the tournament is being wrestled In Yakutia. This is located in North Eastern Siberia on the Asian side of Russia. The 2011 Russian National tournament will include most of Russia's finest wrestlers as it is a year away from the Olympics that will be held in London in 2012. Flowrestling will once again be bringing you unparalleled coverage of the Russian Nationals as they will be sending guys back over to cover the Russian Nationals for the fourth consecutive year.Flowrestling will continue to push the limits as they will return to the Russian Nationals with the intent of capturing every single match on video once again and posting them for all to view. Flowrestling will not only be providing matches and interviews from the Russian Nationals but they will also bring you some videos from Russia to give you a sense of what life is like and how their culture is in Russia. Be sure to stay with Flowrestling and follow their journey to Russia and the Russian Nationals for freestyle wrestling.

The last three years of Russian Nationals Coverage has exposed us with an amazing look at Russian wrestling culture and a different style of wrestling that is dangerous on many levels. It also gave us a preview of many world and Olympic champions and medalists. Out of 21 attempts, the Russian left with 18 medals. One of the most memorable matches came at the Russian Nationals in St. Petersburg when Bulvasar Saitiev defeated returning World Champion Makhach Murtazaliev at 74 kilograms and went on to win his 3rd Olympic Title. Flowrestling will once again be prepared to catch these awesome moments at the 2011 Russian Nationals.

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Buvaisar Saitiev
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Here are some sweet clips from 2008 Russian Nationals. Check out the extras at the end of the reel. Flowrestling is a leader in wrestling and went to the 2008 Russian Nationals as the only representative of the United States. Flowrestling will continue to cover the Russian nationals in full.

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