How can I help contribute?

Yes! We are always looking for good writers, bloggers, photographers, etc... There are two ways of contributing. The first step is to just sign up, create your profile and start uploading your videos, start blogging and start sharing with the track community. If you feel that your content is of very high quality and would like it featured more prominently, feel free to reach us is by filling out the contact form.

How to find videos on Flowrestling?

The basic idea, recent content is featured on the homepage.
There is a search bar on the top right that you can search.
We have matches arranged in 3 ways
   1. Coverages (sort through the dates to find the coverage)
   2. Speakers (Not everyone is, but most popular wrestlers/coaches are speakers)
   3. Wrestling Matches (its under the video tab)

Can I get a job with Flowrestling?

Please contact us through the contact form using the contributor section, we will get back to you.

Can I download or purchase your videos?

We offer video downloads of our videos. Just click on the download video button thats on the top of the video and download it. Please note that  some videos are restricted by copyrights and laws which we cannot offer. If you don't see the download button please do not contact us for a copy as we will not be able to respond to your emails. If you are a media company and want to use our footage on TV or on your website, please contact form.

I have questions about Flowrestlr?

Simply put Flowrestlr, allows you and your team to upload videos on matches and practices and sort them based on categories. There is no limits on the video as of now, its a free service, we plan to introduce a premium section later on.
If you have any questions or bugs to report please feel free to reach us is by filling out the contact form.

What happened to Team Results?

The way team videos are organized with wrestler info, results info, event, opponent school name works differently now. When you edit a video, you will see option to add one or more categories to the video. These categories will show up as folders automatically when viewing your videos or your team videos page allowing you to filter to specific folders.

Suggested categories you can apply to your videos include event name, wrestler name and opponent team name You can of course come up with any structure you like to organize your videos.

For your convenience we have imported all the existing data as categories For example if you had a video with match data of John Smith vs Jack Smith (Ohio State) at the 2010 Flonationals, we automatically added 3 categories to this video:

  • Smith,John
  • Flonationals 2011
  • Ohio State

If you do not see all your team results migrated to the folders below on left yet, please allow until Friday 3/4 for everything to be carried over. Thanks for your patience and we hope you find this approach easier. If you are still having issues, please contact us for help.

What happened to My Wresting Logs?

This tool no longer exists. As we have determined that only a small number of Flowrestling users actually used the log tools, we decided that in its current state the tool does not appear to be that useful for Flowrestling members.

What is Technique Wave?

Technique Wave is our Premium On-Demand Wrestling Video Technique Library. We have thousands of videos from almost 100 Technicians who include Olympians, World Champions, NCAA Finalists and more. To check out and subscribe to Technique Wave visit, Technique Wave Sign Up Page
If you have any questions or issues with billing to report please feel free to reach us is by filling out the contact form. Please note that due to high demand of phone calls we dont respond to phone enquiries. Only enquiries from our contact form will be responded.

Do you have RSS feeds?

We have a number of different feeds that you can subscribe to, including videos, articles and blogs. Click here to subscribe to our RSS.

I want to Advertise?

Check out our parent site Flocasts.com. Fill out the advertising enquiry form, and we will get back to you.

Can I make a Donation?

Do you love Flowrestling? Do you like what we are doing and want to see more? We are now taking donations to help maintain and expand our operation. We want to cover more events, improve the site, interview more people and a million other things. Your donations will help us continue to bring you the best and most comprehensive coverage of the greatest sport in the world.

Donation Amount (USD):

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How can I contact you?

Best way to reach us is by filling out the contact form.

What does Flocasts mean?

Flocast is a word we came up with to call our videos. When we first started out we were doing a video podcast every other day. We didn't really like the word podcast or vidoecast and felt that what we were doing something unique and special and so we came up with a new term: Flocasts.

I found an error/bug on your site, what should I do?

Please contact our tech guys through the contact form

I forgot my password or username.

At the top of any page, click on Login. You will see a link to "Forgotten Password" that will lead you through the steps necessary to recovering your password or username.

I can't view your videos. What's going on?

Our video player uses Flash 10. This is the same as that needed to view videos on most sites like YouTube. Thus if you can see videos on one, you should be able to see them on all. If not, let us know. To update your Flash, click here.

We also recommend that you use Chrome or Safari instead of Internet Explorer for the best results.
Note: In some cases you might have to restart your computer

Who are you guys?

Flotrack is a part of Flocasts LLC, a sports Media company based in austin. To learn more about the company, check out Flocasts Homepage

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful Austin, Texas.

When did you start?

Flowrestling went live on May 17, 2006 with an Interview of Tim Cysewski. We've come a very long way since then!