FLOPRO Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting for my membership?

A FLOPRO membership grants access to all FLOPRO content. This includes live event streams, made for TV video series, and hundreds of technique videos from Olympians, World Champions, NCAA Champions and top coaches. Please note that this is NOT a pay-per-view subscription.

• Can I share my login with anyone?

No. Sharing your login is prohibited and we reserve the right to terminate your FLOPRO membership without refund should you do so. Only one mobile device or computer can be used to watch live events at a time. If a viewer begins watching a live event from one device, he/she must first log out of that device before attempting to watch the same event from a different device.

• Which devices support live events?

Our live events are supported on desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPhones and some Android-based devices.

• What web browsers do you recommend?

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Google Chrome 32+, Firefox 25+, Safari 6.05+, or Internet Explorer 10+.

• What can I do if I sign up for a yearly membership when I meant to sign up for a monthly membership?

If you accidentally sign up for a yearly membership instead of monthly, we can change your account to monthly billing and credit your card the difference between your first month and a full year ($150.00 minus $20.00 equals $130 credit). To make this happen, please contact FLOPRO support within 30 days of signup. You can reach us via email or on the phone at 512-270-2356.

• How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription manually here or you may contact us to cancel your account for you. We recommend you try this on your own to expedite the cancellation process.

• Where can I watch event videos after the event?

You can watch all recorded matches after the event on Flowrestling.

• Does FLOPRO include FLOinsider?

No.  FLOPRO and FLOinsider are purchased separately.

• Can I watch FLOPRO videos or live events with FLOinsider?

No.  Live events and premium videos require a FLOPRO membership.

• What's the difference between FLOPRO and FLOinsider?

FLOPRO includes all of our live event videos, technique videos and made for TV episodes. FLOinsider gets you access to our rankings, recruiting reports, and premium articles.

• What's the difference in price between FLOPRO and FLOinsider?

FLOinsider is $99.99/year or $15/month. FLOPRO is $150/year or $20/month.