FloPRO Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting for my membership?

A FloPRO membership grants access to all FloPRO content. This includes live event streams, made for TV video series, exclusive rankings, Insider articles, and hundreds of technique videos from Olympians, World Champions, NCAA Champions and top coaches. Please note that this is NOT a pay-per-view subscription.

• Can I share my login with anyone?

No. Sharing your login is prohibited and we reserve the right to terminate your FloPRO membership without refund should you do so. Only one mobile device or computer can be used to watch live events at a time. If a viewer begins watching a live event from one device, he/she must first log out of that device before attempting to watch the same event from a different device.

• Which devices support live events?

Our live events are supported on desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPhones and some Android-based devices.

• What web browsers do you recommend?

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

• What can I do if I sign up for a yearly membership when I meant to sign up for a monthly membership?

If you accidentally sign up for a yearly membership instead of monthly, we can change your account to monthly billing and credit your card the difference between your first month and a full year ($150.00 minus $20.00 equals $130 credit). To make this happen, please contact FloPRO support within 30 days of signup. You can reach us via email or on the phone at 512-270-2356.

• How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription manually here or you may contact us to cancel your account for you. We recommend you try this on your own to expedite the cancellation process.

• Where can I watch event videos after the event?

You can watch all recorded matches after the event on FloWrestling.

• What's the difference between FLOPRO and FLOinsider?

As of May 4th, 2015, there is no difference! FloWrestling has merged FloPRO and FloInsider into an all-encompassing FloPRO experience! 

Here's what you need to know about the merge:
Question: I’m a current FloPRO customer. Do I have to pay extra to access the FloInsider content that’s now part of my subscription?
Answer: No, FloPRO is the same price ($20/month or $150/year), but now you get all the great FloInsider content that you previously had to pay for separately.

Question: I’m a FloPRO and FloInsider subscriber. What happens to my FloInsider subscription? Will I still be charged twice?
Answer: No, you will no longer be charged for FloInsider, since it no longer exists. Rather, you’ll keep your FloPRO subscription and all the FloInsider content will be available to you within FloPro for no additional cost.

Question: I’m a FloInsider subscriber, but I never signed up for FloPRO. What happens to me?
Answer: Congrats, you’ve been grandfathered into FloPRO at the current price you paid for FloInsider ($14.99/month or $99.99/year). You now have access to all the same great FloInsider content PLUS FloPRO coverage, such as live events, behind-the-scenes documentary series and more.

Live Stream Player FAQ

I have a premium account but am getting directed to the sign up page.

Please ensure that you are logging in with the username associated to your premium account.

Confirm that you have an updated credit card on file. Click on your username in the top right corner when signed in to your account and select account settings from the drop-down menu.Then, select the update credit card tab and enter your new payment information.

I get a bump message when I try to watch the live stream.

Make sure that you have not shared your password. Only one mobile device or computer can be used to watch live events at a time. If a viewer begins watching a live event from one device, he/she must first log out of that device before attempting to watch the same event from a different device.

The live stream player isn't loading (I'm getting a spinning wheel), what could be the problem?

Please ensure that you have javascript and cookies enabled and that you have no security settings or ad-blockers that could be preventing you from loading the stream. If you do have an ad-blocker installed, uninstalling this should resolve the issue.

Ensure that you have an updated version of Adobe Flash 

Ensure that you don't have a Firewall or network security setting in place which could be blocking Flash playback

Older versions of browsers may not support current technology and videos may not play.We recommend viewing live streams on an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Clear your cache in Chrome or Firefox

The player loads but the video is stuttering or choppy, what could be the problem?

Video clips will play better with faster internet connections. Users with a high-speed connection (DSL or cable) should experience high-quality video. Users with a dial-up modems may experience longer loading times while the video buffers before playing, and may experience buffering as the video play

If you are on a wireless connection try switching to a wired connection, or move closer to the wireless router for a stronger signal.

 If you are running other bandwidth intensive programs you may want to quit out of these as they could be taking away from your available bandwidth.

If you are on a shared internet connection others may be using bandwidth intensive programs that are reducing your available downstream bandwidth

If you experience video stalling problems only during full-screen mode, try lowering your desktop resolution.