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165 1st-Place-Match, Kyle Dake, Cornell vs David Taylor, Penn State 1593 views


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Uploaded by Joe Williamson | January 2, 2013

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Comments14 comments

reverse 1 minute ago

Dake secured control before taylor initiated the gramby to leave the mat and they went to a position in which, had they been in bounds, dake would have scored back points. I think that was a good, and very difficult, call.

Fapper 2 minutes ago

1) It WAS a reversal, 2) Dake needs new headgear its been doing that all year, 3) escape at end, 4) shoulda been OT for win

Sgtmingle 5 minutes ago

I can't even believe that was a reversal for Dake. They were off the Mat? Also, Taylor had the escape with 2 seconds to go. I can't believe the refs missed both calls?

4theWin 9 minutes ago

Taylor got screwed in both calls

brad 11 minutes ago

not a reversal

14 minutes ago

that was taylors match, darnn refs

Mart 16 minutes ago

There was no reversal by dake and Taylor was out at the very end. What a load of crap. We need to be able to challenge things like this. Absolutely horrible.

Keith Davison 17 minutes ago

I'm a firm believer in scoring enough to keep the refs poor call keep you from loosing...but Magic Man got hosed!!

Mr Woody 17 minutes ago

thanks for sharing this so fast Flo.

Jason Oros 18 minutes ago

Taylor got boned

Anonymous Coward 19 minutes ago

I'm gonna have to disagree with that call. I don't think Dake had full control of Taylor when he locked in the merkle. The ref was awfully quick on that call.

Anonymous Coward 20 minutes ago

That ref screwed Taylor and I have to preference toward either wrestler. That was bad.

anon 21 minutes ago

Wow, tough call on the reversal. 1 but not two. Possible 1 point at the end as well....

R Law 32 minutes ago

Taylor still had his leg as they went out of bounds. An escape would have been a bad call....they're aren't words to describe how terrible calling a reverse was.