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    Road to Baku: Cog Hill


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    Flowrestling captures a workout with the USA Wrestling team on the cog hill on Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs during their training for the 2007 world championships in Baku Azerbaijan. The cog hill is a trail about a mile and a half straight up the side of the Pikes Peak mountain. Wrestlers not only have to deal with the steep incline, but they will have less oxygen as they near the top of the cog hill.

    The road to Baku has us going through a lot of pain. This 15 minute workout that the US world team and some Canadians went through is known as "The Cog". There are two types of Cog workouts, one where you just run straight to the top. Good times can range anywhere in the low 20 minute range to 30 or so minutes. In this video the world team is doing sets of sprints based on time, not distance.

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