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    Flocenter 2.19- The Throw Heard Around the World


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    This week's Flocenter is centered around the college conference tournaments and some of the best high school tournaments in the nation. The big news came from the California state tournament where Alex Cisneros was going for his fourth state title and got thrown to his back within the last 0:10 of the match.

    Big things also happened on the college scene with the major college conference with Flo picking up coverage of the Big Ten tournament for the first time ever to pick up some great coverage with 6 of the top 8 schools competing in this conference.

    This was a huge weekend with coverages taking place at the Big Ten's, Big 12's, EIWA's, EWL's, CAA's, ACC's, and MAC conference tournaments. There was also coverage from some of the heavy hitters in the high school scene with content coming in from the Ohio state tournament, California and New Jersey state tournaments.