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    Flocenter - Episode 2.4


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    In this episode of Flocenter the guys talk about the weekend they had which included a lot of open tournaments. Mark Morris went live for 2 Binghamton dual meets on Saturday as well as streaming the Binghamton Open live as well. Chad Erikson and the GFlo covered the Bison open at NDSU. Out in Wyoming David Bray did his first coverage and caught a dirty takedown where Ryan Des Roches hit a blind granby from his feet. Cliff Fretwell was at the Michigan State Open and Zeb Miller covered 3 dual meets at Wrestle 4 a Cure in PA. The NYAC international tournament took place over the weekend as well and USA had champs in all divisions.

    Next week kicks off the Big Live Duals (BLD) schedule as we will feature #4 Minnesota visiting #5 Cornell LIVE on Flowrestling Friday night with coverage starting at 5:45 and matches beginning at 6:30pm EST. Sunday we will have a live audio broadcast from Minnesota at defending national champions Penn State for another awesome dual meet.

    Dirty Flo Scramble Flo Match of the Week Dirty Flo Takedown Binghamton Open Michigan State Open Bison Open Navy vs Kent State Buffalo vs Navy Evan Henderson's nasty cradle NYAC Tournament Wyoming Cowboy Open