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    Hey Guys, Jim again with It's a beautiful day outside so I'm working from my back porch. You may hear some lawn mowers in the background of the video. When you do your job, you learn how to do it well. Facebook should be no different. I see so many teams that create Facebook Pages but let them languish. I want to show you a great way to use Facebook to grow the awareness of your team within your community and to let more people know about your Page and hopefully get more likes.

    The demonstration in the video is using the Cavalier Wrestling Club, a non-profit wrestling organization. First, go to your page and click "Use Facebook as (your page)". Now, you are no longer using Facebook as yourself but as your page.
    Next, visit the page of another organization that your your fans or prospective fans might like. Find a recent post and, if you are genuinely interested or have something to add, make a comment.
    Now, anyone who has liked that page will see that post on their own news feed as well as any accompanying comments, such as yours. When they see your comment, they may click on your page name and visit your page. Once there, if you have interesting content and show signs of activity, visitors tend to click the like button.
    That's it!
    I suggest that you do this on a regular basis. At least once per week you should visit several key pages. You can make it easy by liking the pages then click "Home" to view the news feed of the pages that you (your organization) has liked. This makes it easy to scroll through to find good content on which to comment.

    There are a few simple tactics that you can use to get more likes and, more importantly, increase awareness of what you are doing. This is one of them. Check it out! Take action today!

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